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How’s Your Driving?

For Praise Thursday, Emma and Jonathon fell on the theme of controlling our emotions. On a rainy day like today, it can be easy to be dreary, much like the weather. So! Here are some devotionals to help you.

Jonathon shared a word from Our Daily Bread centered around James 1, entitled “How’s My Driving”.

Emma’s devotional series, “Well-Being”, continued today. Read “Dealing With Conflict” HERE.

Today’s Winner: Kloee from Mount Vernon – Congratulations!

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Jonathon and Emma

Devotionals and Dr. Seuss!

It’s Praise Thursday on the Afternoon Drive, and Dylan and Judah talked about Lifeline 2023, praises and Seussical Jr. The duo talked about their experiences from Lifeline 2022 and what the special event means to them. Dylan and Judah also shared devotionals for Praise Thursday.

The Afternoon Drive Co-Hosts talked about Casting Crowns coming to the Ohio State Fair this summer and gave details about the date and location. They also gave away Seussical Jr tickets during their trivia game.

Judah’s devotional from Our Daily Bread is titled: “This Love Is Real”. You Can find the link to his devotional here.

Dylan’s devotional from Our Daily Bread is titled: “Comfort On Doorframes”. You can find the link to his devotional here.

Our trivia question for the Seussical Jr. tickets was: What was the title of Dr. Seuss’s first book?

The answer was: And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.

Congratulations to Tim of Mount Vernon for guessing the correct answer! He wins two tickets to Seussical Jr.!

Thanks for listening!

-Dylan and Judah

WinterJam is this Weekend!

Today on Praise Thursday I shared a devotional from “Well Being.” Today’s devotional talked about how when we exercise we are praising God. That our bodies are like a temple and we can honor him by taking care of our bodies.

WinterJam 2023 is this weekend Saturday, January 28th at the Schottenstein Center! Tickets are $15 dollars at the door and the show starts at 6pm. For more info click here.

Congrats to Brad from Mount Vernon for guessing the correct answer for WinterJam 2023 Artist Trivia! The question was, what Dove Award was Austin French nominated for in 2019? The correct answer was New Artist of the Year! Stay tuned tomorrow on the Morning Thing for more Artist Trivia!

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Christmas Devotionals

To start this Christmas edition of Praise Thursday I shared a devotional from “The Christmas Story,” it talked about how God brought two totally different groups together when Jesus was born. The first group being local shepherds and the second being the wise men. Showing us that God invites everyone to celebrate the birth of His Son!

Dylan then shared a Christmas Devotional from “Our Daily Bread,” sharing the story about Christmas Eve in 1968 when the Apollo 8 astronauts, who where the first humans to enter lunar orbit, read Genesis 1 during a live broadcast. Years later they were told that broadcast was the “largest audience that had ever listened to a human voice.” Showing us that God gives us an opportunity to share His word and it all comes back to the story of His Son Jesus!

Congrats to Jane from Howard, she was the 9th caller for Christmas Gift Exchange during the show! She is now entered into our Grand Prize drawing, which is tomorrow Friday, December 23rd during The Morning Thing at 7:30am! So don’t forget to tune in!

Thanks for Listening!

Emma and Dylan

A Gift of Motivation

Jonathon shared his Monday Motivation from “Our Daily Bread” shared about how when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple tow elderly believers took center stage, Simeon and Anna who worshiped God even in their elderly age. The Bible inspires our age to motivate our hope in God.

I shared from “Remembering Christmas” sharing that during this time we do think about all the shopping we need to do and where we can find the perfect gift. “But what if our hearts could shift from what we are buying to what we are doing?” That we can balance gift giving and focus on being present with our Savior and our love ones. That when the wise men came to see Jesus they spent time in His presence first then gave gifts.

Congrats to Jean and Jane from Mount Vernon for being being the 9th caller for the Christmas Gift Exchange! They are now entered into a drawing for one of our Three Grand Prizes that will be announce on Friday, December 23rd at 7:30am during the Moring Thing!

Thanks For Listening!

Emma Reuss

First Day of Holly Jolly 25!

Today is the first day of Holly Jolly 25! 25 straight days of your favorite Christmas songs till Christmas Day! WNZR would also like to thank these businesses for supporting our Holly Jolly 25; A+ Auto Brokers, GR Smith Hardware, Knox Community Hospital, Knox Starting Point, Lewis Clark Insurance Agency, and Mid-Ohio Powersports. WNZR’s Holly Jolly 25- our Christmas gift to you!

For Praise Thursday Jonathon shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread called “Mutual Encouragement”. Xochitl Dixon shares from Hebrews 3 in the first devotional in the Holiday Edition for Our Daily Bread! You can find a copy with us at WNZR whenever we go “On the Road with Big Blue”.

I later shared a devotional called Remembering Christmas. I shared that the Christmas season can feel crowded and sometimes overwhelming, but the day of Jesus’ birth the innkeepers had no room and Mary gave birth in a stable and laid him in a manger. That before the hustle and bustle of the season, before we forget, lets remember to make room for the true meaning of Christmas.

We are on the road with Big Blue this Saturday, December 3rd from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Fredericktown Christmas Walk Charity Auction. It will be a Country Christmas this year to celebrate the 22nd Annual Christmas Walk and Charity Auction with a partnership with Food For the Hungry of Knox County to help raise funds to support Fredericktown Interchurch, the Fredericktown Salvation Army, and the Fredericktown Community Relief Fund. To register for the annual 5K fun run or walk at the link found on the Fredericktown Christmas Walk Facebook page.

Congrats to Henry from Howard for guessing the correct answer of Bing Crosby, “Do you Hear what I Hear.” He wins an Anne Wilson, My Jesus cd!

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Last Day for Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Registration!

To kick off Praise Thursday Emma shares her devotional from “Wellbeing” day 3. Sharing that we have very little control over our emotions or our environment. That when we worry it’s our brain’s way to gain control when there is none. “A healthy mind doesn’t try to control its situation, a healthy mind accepts that sometimes life will bring hard circumstances.”

Jonathon then continues with his devotional from Our Daily Bread titled “A Heavenly Reunion.” He talked about when we die God promises a heavenly reunion that can comfort us when we are grieving the loss of a loved one who trusted Jesus. Also our promised future with Jesus gives us hope when facing our own immortality, until we are called home or Jesus comes back.

Today is the last day to be registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt! Congrats to Jana and Jennifer from Mount Vernon they are registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt. There is still only ONE chance for you to get registered, TONIGHT at 8 with Ben Alexander.

We had some game time with Name that Tune! Congrats to Rodney from Gambier who gest the right answer of Live With Abandon by Newsboys. He wins a Casting Crowns CD! There is still a chance to win a CD next week during the drive.

Thank you for listen!

Emma and Jonathon

An Invitation to a Flourishing Life

For Praise Thursday, Emma continued with day two of a devotional series called Well Being: An Invitation to a Flourishing Life.

Jonathon shared another devotional from Our Daily Bread entitled “God Redeems Our Pain”. This piece shares a story similar to Naomi’s in the book of Ruth!

We also talked about Veterans’ Day tomorrow and how veterans can catch an MVNU men’s basketball game for FREE this Saturday against Penn State-Greater Allegheny at 3:00pm! The game will feature the color guard for the pregame national anthem and a special presentation for veterans at halftime!

Congrats to Daniel from Gambier, our winner for this week’s name that tune! The song was “Miracles” from Colton Dixon and Daniel wins a Matthew West CD with his album “Brand New”.

Also, congratulations to Harriett and Ron from Mount Vernon for getting themselves registered for our Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt.

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon and Emma

When Weakness is Strength

For Praise Thursday, Emma and Jonathon both shared some devotionals to push you through the end of this week!

Emma started a new series entitled “Wellbeing”. You can take a look at this devotional HERE.

Jonathon’s devotional came from Mike Wittmer with Our Daily Bread, entitled “When Weakness is Strength”

Congratulations to Flo from Howard for winning this week’s Name That Tune! She wins a deluxe CD of Rescue Story from Zach Williams! This week’s song was “Sunday Sermons” from Anne Wilson.

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon & Emma

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