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God is in OUR story!

Fear is universal. All of us deal with things that scare us. So how should we respond to God’s Word, ‘Fear not for I am with you?’ Can we honestly take to heart Isaiah 41:10 today and experience freedom because of God’s presence? What does this Bible verse really mean?

Here’s what author Anne Peterson says:

First of all, we can’t deal with anything we don’t acknowledge. We need to be honest with ourselves and face those fears.

You may be worrying about your children (young or grown), or worrying about a loved one who is sick. Maybe you’re wondering how you’re going to live when a family member has died. All of us can be fearful about our health, or our finances. We can worry about all sorts of things, big and small. And yet, our God knew we would struggle with fear.

So he made sure he wrote about it often in his love letter to us, with over 300 references to fear in the Word.

God doesn’t want us to be consumed by fear. And yet, our fears do not surprise him in the least.

So, we need to realize God is not disappointed in us when we have fears. No more than you are disappointed when one of your children is afraid.

God encourages us to not fear, so that we will trust in His presence; and know He is listening and working on our behalf.

Dylan shared Alison Kyeda’s message that ‘God is Listening,’ inspired by James 5. Read it by clicking here!

Today’s winner of the Action Bible ‘Easter’ book is Diane from Howard. Congratulations!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

NZ Top 10 for 3/24/23

Praise the Lord it’s Friday! Here is this week’s countdown:

10. Rachael Lampa f/TobyMac – Perfectly Loved
9. Tauren Wells – Joy in the Morning
8. Cody Carnes – Ain’t Nobody
7. CAIN – I’m So Blessed
6. Matt Maher – The Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours)
5. Crowder f/Dante Bowe – God Really Loves Us
4. Matthew West – My Story, Your Glory
3.for King and Country f/Jordin Sparks – Love Me Like I Am (spent 5 weeks at #1)
2. Micah Tyler – I See Grace
1. Brandon Lake – Gratitude (1st week at #1)

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY adds this week:

Stephen Stanley – Rest in the Father

We Are Messengers – Wholehearted

Evan Craft – Fight On My Knees

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

How’s Your Driving?

For Praise Thursday, Emma and Jonathon fell on the theme of controlling our emotions. On a rainy day like today, it can be easy to be dreary, much like the weather. So! Here are some devotionals to help you.

Jonathon shared a word from Our Daily Bread centered around James 1, entitled “How’s My Driving”.

Emma’s devotional series, “Well-Being”, continued today. Read “Dealing With Conflict” HERE.

Today’s Winner: Kloee from Mount Vernon – Congratulations!

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon and Emma

Water, frozen water and CAIN!

Today’s Who Knews:

  • today is the United Nations’ designated World Water Day, meant to bring awareness that water is such a precious commodity that many take for granted. World Water Day is a chance to think about those people and places where water needs are still paramount, and seek to work together to find a solution.
  • It is an extremely sad but true fact: across the world there are 783 million people who still do not have access to clean water. While over 2.5 million people from across the globe still lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. This concerning lack of accessible options for meeting these two basic human needs is a tragedy that people from across the globe are looking to reduce and manage, bringing clean water and better sanitation facilities to underprivileged communities across the world.
  • today is also the anniversary of the first Stanley Cup tournament championship, long before the NHL’s current format. The Hockey Hall of Fame says the Stanley Cup, notably the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes in North America, was donated in 1892 by Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston and son of the Earl of Derby. He purchased the trophy for 10 Guineas ($50.00 at that time) to be presented to “the championship hockey club of the Dominion of Canada.”
  • The first team ever awarded the Stanley Cup was the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association on March 22, 1893.
  • Since 1910, when the National Hockey Association took possession of the Stanley Cup, the trophy has been symbolic of professional hockey supremacy. Beginning in 1926, only NHL teams have competed for this prized trophy!

We also shared Allison’s conversation with Madison Cain Johnson from the band CAIN – they are headlining the LIVE AND IN COLOR tour this Sunday in Mansfield. Click here to go to our Soundcloud page and listen.

Today’s winner: Kristi from Mount Vernon – congratulations!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

New Lauren Daigle Album!

Lifeline 2023 is one week away! From March 29th-April 3rd is Lifeline 2023! Our theme this year is “God is in This Story,” by: Katy Nicole and Big Daddy Weave. Also, our theme verse this year is Isaiah 41:10 which reads, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” For more information about Lifeline 2023 click here!

MercyMe has announced that they will be setting sail on January 21-28th 2024 on their annual MercyMe at Sea cruise. The cruise will depart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and destinations include the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and more. There will be many artist including the disbanded Tenth Avenue North! The group will be together for this cruise, but no news yet on if the band will get back together. If you are interested in this cruise click here!

Lauren Daigle announced that se is releasing a new album called “Lauren Daigle!” This album with have 20 songs and will be released in two ten parts. The first ten songs on the album will be released on May 12th and the other set of 10 will be released later this year. Daigle has released a single from this album called “Thank God I Do,” which you can listen now!

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Adventures and encouragement

Welcome to the new week! 2 Corinthians drives this first devotional from Kimya Loder, ‘Finding Strength in God.’ You can read it by clicking here.

Running from turkeys? That’s what gave Mike Wittmer a new sense of the story of David and Goliath. Read it by clicking here.

This week we are giving away copies of the NIV Adventure Bible.

Today’s winner – Kelly from Mount Vernon. Congratulations!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

NZ Top 10 for 3/17/23

Praise the Lord it’s Friday! Here is this week’s countdown:

10. MercyMe – Then Christ Came
9. Matt Maher – The Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours)
8. Matthew West – My Story, Your Glory
7. CAIN – I’m So Blessed
6. Steven Curtis Chapman – Don’t Lose Heart (spent one week at #1)
5. Rachael Lampa f/TobyMac – Perfectly Loved
4. Crowder f/Dante Bowe – God Really Loves Us
3. Micah Tyler – I See Grace
2. Brandon Lake – Gratitude
1. for King and Country f/Jordin Sparks – Love Me Like I Am (back for a 5th week at #1)

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY adds this week:

Natalie Grant f/Cory Asbury – You Will Be Found (from Dear Evan Hansen)

Lauren Daigle – Thank God I Do

Today’s winner of the Amazing Grace book is Tim from Mount Vernon.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

Books, presidents and…records?

Today’s Who Knews…

Madcap Living History presents ‘An Evening with the Presidents: The War Years,’ this Saturday at noon and 5:30pm at the Knox Memorial Ballroom. We gave away tickets today thanks to our friend Jim Stoner. Learn more here!

Congratulations to Troy and Deanna, our winners!

Hipsters, you’ve done it. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, vinyl records outsold CDs in 2022 – the first time since 1987. Streaming still accounts for 84% of music revenue, but physical formats have increased lately.

Room-temperature soup? Bad. Room-temperature superconductors? Good! This week, researchers said they’d made a breakthrough toward creating superconductors that don’t need extremely cold temperatures to run. Though it’s still a long way off, practical applications could include cool stuff for phones, energy, and transportation.

Today’s book winner: Tim from Mount Vernon. Congrats!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

Beauty from Trashes!

Today we share a literal story of ‘beauty from ashes.’ Sheridan Voysey leads us through the amazing events of Cateura in the city of Asuncion, Paraguay, called ‘Slum Songs.’

Click here to read more!

Photo credit: 2013, Ana Baumann

We also shared ‘Brother Saul’ from James Banks. Read about Ananias’ obedience when he asked God to the opposite.

Today, Wednesday and Friday, we will also be giving away copies of this book:

What happens when we reject God? Bruce and Craig tell the story of young, troubled, John Newton, who is rescued by divine mercy.

Today’s winner is Laura from Mount Vernon – congratulations!

-Joe and Dylan

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