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Persistent in Prayer

This week I was reading an email newsletter I get twice a week…in this particular post, the author was sharing a story of the intersection of our faith with current world events. He shared that the headlines coming out of the Russian war against Ukraine have led him to think about Romans 12:12.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in affliction, be persistent in prayer.”

Recently, the Ukrainian leader, President Zelenskyy has been visiting allies in Europe, trying to gain support for an assumed counter-offensive against the Russian invaders. The concern is that if those attacks go into Russian territories, the war will spread. Pope Francis has offered to be an intermediary in peace negotiations. This is clearly a pivotal moment of decision-making for the Ukranian leader. So what can we do? I resolved almost 15 months ago, when this war started, to pray specifically for disruption of Russia’s (specifcally Putin’s) plan. I believe that prayer has been answered…but…now, I’m turning my prayers to another specific request – peace. The end of the war. That Russia ends hostilities. That the world steps in and helps Ukraine rebuild.

Author Jeff Poor asks us to pay attention to the progression in this verse, from hope to patience, to persistence to prayer. Prayer is our great resource whenever we are facing the trials of this life. 

Poor writes, “Prayer should be of the highest priority for each follower of Jesus. This is what Jesus modeled for us; he frequently withdrew from the crowds to pray. And we would be better off if we simply persevered in prayer.”

Through devoted and yes, persistent prayer, we connect with Jesus and find hope and joy. Even in the shadow of what may seem to be unsurmountable odds.

Danny Gokey – The Comeback

Congratulations to Bonnie from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the TobyMac CD. ‘Life After Death.’

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

Cobbler? Yes, please!

Today’s goofy holiday is National Cherry Cobbler Day!! Joe is a big cobbler fan, especially peach and cherry, his two favorites.

But why the name cobbler? A recent article on shared that cobbler is usually topped with batter or biscuits instead of crust. Cobbler’s name comes from its sometimes cobbled texture, which is a result of spooning or dropping the topping over the fruit rather than distributing it equally. This way, the filling can peek through.

Yes, please.

Look at this black cherry cobbler! Find the recipe here.

It’s also World Telecommunication Day, This day is a reminder of how important communication is in our lives and it got its start in 1969 when the International Telecommunication Union was founded. Read more about it HERE

  1. I was born on May 17, 1956, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
  2. I started boxing at the Palmer Park, Maryland rec center when I was 13
  3. I won an Olympic gold medal at the 1976 games in Montreal.
  4. I won multiple world titles in five different weight divisions, Welterweight, Super Welterweight, Middleweight, and Super Middleweight.
  5. I retired in 1982 for a brief time due to a detached retina.
  6. I gained widespread fame for my speed, agility, and boxing skills, which earned me the nickname “Sugar” for my sweet fighting style.
  7. After retiring from boxing in 1997, I’ve remained involved in the sport as a boxing analyst, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, inspiring and making a positive impact on future generations of boxers.

I am Sugar Ray Leonard! Congratulations to Brenda from Fredericktown, who guessed correctly and wins the We The Kingdom CD.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

Lauren, Volume One.

Today’s Artist News from

Friday, two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle released the first of two volumes of her new self-titled album – Lauren Daigle – through Atlantic Records/Centricity Music.

Lauren says, “Working with producer Mike Elizondo and all of the amazing writers and musicians on this album was the most incredible experience and truly a dream come true. These songs are so special to me, and I can’t wait to share them with the world.”

The project’s first ten songs are out, with another thirteen songs releasing later this year (that’s 23 songs :). The album is available on vinyl, CD and digital.

Later this year, Daigle will embark on her US arena tour – The Kaleidoscope Tour – which kicks off on September 6 in Memphis, TN. Tickets are now on sale at

Off stage, Daigle remains committed to investing her time to promote music education, work with at-risk youth, and provide care for children, the elderly, and those in need through The Price Fund, an organization she founded in 2018. To date, she has distributed over $2.5 million to 42 nonprofits around the world.

Arrival’s not the end game, the journey’s where You are
You never wanted perfect, You just wanted my heart
And the story isn’t over, if the story isn’t good
A failure’s never final when the Father is in the room…

The song? Cory Asbury and The Father’s House!

Congratulations to Christina from Fredericktown, who guessed correctly and wins the Katy Nichole CD, ‘Jesus Changed My Life.’

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

A 200 million Euro mistake

Today I shared a devotional from Marvin Williams reminding us to, in no uncertain terms, ‘Stay Awake.’ He starts telling the story of a German bank mistake and links it to Matthew 26. Read it by clicking here!

Mom’s Night Out update – 59 seats left for Friday night’s event. Find out more by clicking here.

Name kids’ park equipment adults would probably hurt themselves using.

Monkey bars – 35 votes
Slide – 28
Swing – 27
Merry-go-round – 5
Seesaw – 3

Congratulations to Louise from Fredericktown, who guessed correctly and wins the TobyMac CD, ‘Life After Death.”

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

NZ Top 10 for 5/12/23

Praise the Lord it’s Friday! Here is this week’s countdown:

10. Lauren Daigle – Thank God I Do
9. Jeremy Camp – Anxious Heart
8. Cochren & Co. – Running Home
7. Micah Tyler – I See Grace
6. TobyMac f/Zach Williams – Cornerstone
5. Brandon Lake – Gratitude
4. Consumed By Fire – First Things First
3. Phil Wickham – This is Our God
2. Cody Carnes – Ain’t Nobody
1. Matt Maher – The Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours) – 5th week at #1

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY adds this week:

Elevation Worship f/Chris Brown – Trust In God

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

Wary of the little foxes…

Today I shared Mike Wittmer’s devotional ‘Little Foxes,’ based in Song of Solomon 2. It reminds us to be wary of the small comments here and there that can weaken strong relationships.

Read it by clicking here!

TobyMac – Everything

Congratulations to Tisha from Mount Vernon – she picked Katy Nichole’s CD, “Jesus Changed My Life.”

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

A seafood, a sport and special people!

We celebrate all of them today!

SHRIMP is so popular that, on average, each person living in the US eats more than 4 pounds of shrimp each year. This means that the country consumes around 1.4 billion pounds of shrimp annually. Throughout the world, at least 9 billion pounds of shrimp are consumed each year.

Today, the highest consumer of shrimp per capita is Japan, with the United States coming in second. With more than 2000 different species that exist throughout the globe, shrimp can range from small to large and also range in color. The most common species of shrimp, however, are Rock Shrimp, Pink Shrimp, Tiger Shrimp and White Shrimp.

GOLF is celebrated today. This special day actively encourages more people to take up the sport. Over the years, industry leaders in the U.S. have worked to make golf more accessible and affordable since most people consider the sport elitist and very expensive.

The good news? Golf participation has increased dramatically, particularly during the 2020 pandemic wherein the need for outdoor recreation spiked up. National Golf Day reinforces the sport’s emotional, social, physical, and environmental benefits. It is a day to remember that this excellent sport could be for everyone.

RECEPTIONISTS! They’re there when you call to make an appointment, they call you to make sure you remember to make it. When you need a referral, they’re the ones who take the call and make sure it happens, and when there’s a cancellation they call to let you know of the change.

They do the paperwork that keeps everything in order, and sometimes, they get their supervisor’s lunch while dealing with the concerns of customers all day long.

Without a receptionist, there’s no way an office could go about the day to day business smoothly, so WE THANK YOU!

Today is also the first day to vote on your top two of the final five new dog logos for the Cleveland Browns. Here’s the link.

1. I was born Frederick Austerlitz on May 10, 1899, in Omaha, Nebraska.

2. I began performing with my older sister, Adele, as children, and we formed a successful vaudeville dance act.

3. In the 1930s, I made a name for myself as a film actor and dancer, starring in movies like “Top Hat” and “Swing Time,” both with Ginger Rogers.

4. I also starred in “Easter Parade” with Judy Garland and “Funny Face” with Audrey Hepburn.

5. I was known for my smooth, graceful dance style and my ability to make difficult dance routines look effortless.

6. I was also a singer and recorded several albums throughout my career.

7. I lived until 1987, passing away at the age of 88.

Who Am I? I am…Fred Astaire.

Congratulations to Bob from Howard, who guessed correctly and wins the Chris Tomlin CD. ‘Always.’

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

New album? Well, not really…

Switchfoot released a reboot of their 2003 album, ‘The Beautiful Letdown,’ on Friday. It includes the songs, ‘Dare You to Move, ‘Gone,’ and ‘This is Your Life.’ Read all about it from HERE!!

MercyMe is going on the road with Crowder this summer and fall! Find out more about the TOGETHER AGAIN tour by clicking this link!

His love is strong and His grace is free
And the good news is I know that He
Can do for you what He’s done for me

Answer: Anne Wilson – My Jesus

Congratulations to Linda from Utica, who guessed correctly and wins the We The Kingdom CD.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

Operating with prayer!

It may only be May 8th, but summer (what?) is here at WNZR.

The MVNU academic year finished last week for students, while professors are finishing their grading this week. We are so grateful for your prayers and support as we make another transition this summer!

I will be hosting the Monday shows solo this month, while Zoe Bricker joins me on Tuesdays-Fridays.

Personally, I am grateful for Jonathon, Emma and Dylan, who all helped us finish last week strong, balancing finals and graduation with the Crossroads League Softball Tournament. Our entire WNZR team was in overdrive last week to wrap up the 22-23 year.

Today’s Monday Motivation comes from Jennifer Benson Schuldt, reminding us of an Old Testament leader who sought to operate with prayer – read the devotional from Our Daily Bread by clicking here.

Would you please join us in praying that we, as a summer team, can operate each day, like Jennifer suggests, IN PRAYER? Thank you!

Name hot-temperatured things.

Fire (26)

Coffee (24)

Tea (21)

Stove (16)

Fireplace (13)

Congratulations to Asher from Mount Vernon, who, with his brother David, guessed correctly and win the TobyMac CD, Life After Death.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

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