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Last Day for Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Registration!

To kick off Praise Thursday Emma shares her devotional from “Wellbeing” day 3. Sharing that we have very little control over our emotions or our environment. That when we worry it’s our brain’s way to gain control when there is none. “A healthy mind doesn’t try to control its situation, a healthy mind accepts that sometimes life will bring hard circumstances.”

Jonathon then continues with his devotional from Our Daily Bread titled “A Heavenly Reunion.” He talked about when we die God promises a heavenly reunion that can comfort us when we are grieving the loss of a loved one who trusted Jesus. Also our promised future with Jesus gives us hope when facing our own immortality, until we are called home or Jesus comes back.

Today is the last day to be registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt! Congrats to Jana and Jennifer from Mount Vernon they are registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt. There is still only ONE chance for you to get registered, TONIGHT at 8 with Ben Alexander.

We had some game time with Name that Tune! Congrats to Rodney from Gambier who gest the right answer of Live With Abandon by Newsboys. He wins a Casting Crowns CD! There is still a chance to win a CD next week during the drive.

Thank you for listen!

Emma and Jonathon

Albums and Tours

Emma and Jonathon kicked off the show by sharing that the Afternoon Drive would end a bit early today, as the MVNU Men’s Basketball team will be hosting University of Northwestern Ohio in Ariel Arena tonight at 7pm. You can hear the live action here on 90.9FM and You can also see the live action on Don’t forget to tune in during half-time for Cougar Conversation as we sat with Morgan Forney from the MVNU Women’s Cross Country Team!

Jonathon kicked off Artist New Day with the announcement that MercyMe has released a new album. This is their 11th studio album called Always Only Jesus. They will also be rapping up their fall tour dates, they’ll be on the road with Chris Tomlin for their Chris Tomlin X MercyMe: A Winter Tour tour this December 1st-13th. Also, big news for MercyMe is that their hit “I Can Only Imagine” has just received 5x RIAA Platinum Certification. Lead vocalist Bar Millard says, “when it released over 20 years ago, we never knew the impact it would have. We are just so grateful we have the opportunity to still make music that we hope will draw people ultimately closer to Jesus.

Emma then continued Artist News with for King & Country announced that their spring tour will be part 2 of the What Are We Waiting For? Tour. They will be on tour starting on March 25th-May 31st, and they will be in Columbus on April 7th for that tour. Pre-sale tickets are available now! For King & Country will also be in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday, December 4th for their A Drummer Boy Christmas Tour.

It’s Game Day Tuesday as we play song poetry! Congrats to Joanne from Mount Vernon, she guessed the correct answer of The Goodness by TobyMac and Blessing Offor. She beast last weeks stumper and wins a Natalie Grant and Matthew West CD. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow during the Afternoon Drive for your chance to win a Ryan Ellis CD!

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon.

Last Day of “While We Wait”

Emma and Jonathon start the show talking about the third week of Clergy Appreciation Month! Every Friday during the month of October we are honoring 5 local pastors on The Morning Thing. Each pastor mentioned will receive a $20.00 gift card, this week is North Main Cafe and they will also receive a $10 gift certificate to the Gospel Christian Life Shop in downtown Mount Vernon. All nominated pastors will be put into a drawing for an overnight stay at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel and WNZR will be giving three of those away! To nominate your pastor today click this link!

Emma then shared the last day of While We Wait”. She shared that the worst kind of waiting is when you don’t know the specifics of what you are waiting for, that you might be saying, “I don’t have a promise.” You have the promise that God does have a plan for you and it is good. You have a promise that even when you are not sure where you are going and how you are going to get there, God we be beside you the whole way. That in this time of waiting can refine you and reveal your weakness, which is a good thing because that is where you find your strength.

Jonathon then shared his devotional called “Walk On” a story about Ben Malcolmson who was a walked on the University of Southern California football team. That Malcolmson wanted to share his faith and even gave his teammates a Bible, but his teammates rejected the idea. However, one teammate did read his Bile shortly before his tragic death and had demonstrated a relationship with God. We may have shared Jesus with someone and has rejected it, but even when we don’t see the results we want, “God’s truth is powerful and will accomplish His purposes in His timing.”

We then shared about tomorrow October 21st is Women’s Volleyball senior night! will be broadcasting the night to honor our seniors. Senior night will start at 6:50 pm and the game against Goshen College will start at 7:00 pm.

We then played name that tune and congrats to Kathy from Mount Vernon! The song was Less Like Me by Zach Williams and she wins an Austin French CD! There is still a chance to win an Austin French CD next week.

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

God’s Community

Join WNZR to celebrate our 36th Anniversary this Saturday October 1st! First at Knox Starting Point Family Day and 5K from 10am-Noon at the Fredericktown Community Park. Then at Memorial Park in Mount Vernon for the TAC (Teen Advisory Council) Color for a Cause and 1 Mile Walk and Run from Noon-3pm, and will be broadcasting from 1pm-3pm. Also, at both events the first 90 people to stop by Big Blue will get homemade buckeyes from The Least Of These Ministries.

Emma then shared day four of the devotional series While We Wait. She shared that when we are going through hard times we need a “true community” and not be isolated to the darkness we are going through. That this true and trusted community can anchor us and give us peace during this season of darkness. That this community should remind us that God is for us.

Jonathon then shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread about The Power Of a Name. How God changed Abraham and Sarah names when he made a covenant of love with them. Showing us how names are important in the Bible, often reflecting a person’s character traits or role. That we should show joy by calling others by name and affirming who God created them to be.

Name that Tune! We gave away a special prize today, an Action Bible! Congrats to Caleb of Mount Vernon for guessing the correct answer of Hold On To Me by: Lauren Daigle! If you are interested in the Action Bible here is a link to purchase one.

It is global student prayer week! We prayed for our country, for the loss of Emma West, and for those who are effected by Hurricane Ian. If you want to help those who are effected by Hurricane Ian, Samaritan’s Purse is an amazing organization that is helping with disaster relief, here is a link to help!

Thank you so much for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Wolves and Doves

Its Artist News Day! We started with interviews with Steve Cobucci one of the band members of Wolves at the Gate. Wolves at the Gate will be preforming at SonFest 2022 at 2:35pm on the main stage. If you missed the interview, you can hear them tomorrow during the Morning Thing!

Emma shared exciting news about Phil Wickham announcing a his new Singalong Tour starting in 2023. What is really exciting is that Matt Maher and Leeland will also be on the road with Wickham. Ticket per-sale starts soon and the tour kicks off in January till late May of 2023!

Jonathon then shared some news about Chris Tomlin and 5 time GRAMMY award winner Erica Campbell will be hosting the 53rd GMA Dove Awards. This year’s Award show will take place in person on Tuesday, October 18th, while the broadcast will be aired exclusively on the Trinity Broadcasting Network Friday, October 21st.

Game time! We played song poetry, there was no winner this week, but next week there is a chance to win two $5 gift cards to Round Hill Dairy. We also played Sonfest Trivia and congrats to Jessica from Mount Vernon for winning two Sonfest tickets! Don’t forget to stay tuned at 7:30 am on the Morning Thing and 5:25 pm during the Afternoon Drive for your chance to win Sonfest tickets!

Good Work and Finish Strong!

Today on the show we shared some devotionals from Our Daily Bread. We also talked about how Mom’s Night Out is quickly approaching. We also gave an update on our Lifeline 2022 total which is now at $81,221!

Here are our devotionals today from Our Daily Bread:

Jonathon’s devotional is titled, “Finish Strong!” You can find the link here.

Dylan’s devotional is titled, “A Good Work”. You can find the link here.

We didn’t have a trivia question today because we were off the air! Make sure to listen in next week as we will resume our trivia questions!

Thanks for listening!

-Dylan and Jonathon

The Essence Of Prayer

Today on the show we talked about our new Lifeline 2022 total of $75,599! We also shared devotionals from Our Daily bread. And, of course, we had our Bible trivia where one lucky person has a chance to win a 2021 Voice of The Cougars Drawstring Backpack!

Here are our devotionals from Our Daily Bread:

Jonathon’s devotional is titled, “Past The Boundaries Of Knowing”. You can find the link here.

Dylan’s devotional is titled, “The Essence Of Prayer”. You can find the link here.

Question: Who got Joseph thrown into prison by lying about him?
Answer:  Potiphar’s wife

Congratulations to Tammy of Alexandria for guessing the correct answer! She wins a 2021 Voice of The Cougars Drawstring Backpack!

Thanks for listening!

-Dylan and Jonathon

It’s Hope Week!

As we prepare for Lifeline 2022, Joe and I shared our thoughts about this year’s theme: “You Keep Hope Alive”.

Romans 15:13 (ESV) “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

The world is a fearful and unsatisfying place without the hope of eternal life with Jesus. Apart from the expectation that comes from the hope of heaven, our world can seem to be lacking in peace, celebration, or joy.

There is life in hope. There is joy in hope. There is purpose in hope.

Hope is to be at the foundation of all our decisions, emotions, and pursuits. Hope fills us with joy in the middle of trials and perseverance in the midst of failure. Hope guides us to abundant life.

Our heavenly Father longs to make us a people of hope. He longs for his followers to live a lifestyle that declares to the world, “This life is not all there is.” He longs to fill us with a heavenly perspective that we might throw off pursuits of worldly pleasure and live for eternity with him.

Sometimes we can lose hope. We can get distracted, discouraged and unfocused. Why does this happen?

We fail to embrace to fruits of the spirit – the very things we ask for that we fail to do ourselves.

Do we love well? Or get bogged down in hate?

Do we choose joy? Or choose grumpy?

Do we promote peace? Or spread and promote conflict?

Do we demonstrate patience? Or fly off the handle?

Do we offer kindness? Or are we offering indifference?

Do we seek goodness? Or seeking the negative and critical?

Do we ground ourselves in faith? Or trust our own understanding?

Do we embrace gentleness? Or are we rough around the edges?

Do we embody self-control? Or is it anything goes?

What about things like forgiveness? Think about this: if God forgave you like you forgive others, where would you be?

Is it more about Him? Or more about us?

Name something you pick.
  1. Flowers – 28
  2. Fruit – 25
  3. Nose – 23
  4. Dog/Pet – 6
  5. Teeth – 6

Congratulations to Dallas and Charla of Utica for correctly guessing this week’s Family Feud for a Voice of the Cougars drawstring backpack!

Thanks for listening,

Jonathon & Joe

Love Over Hate

Today on the show we talked about how Lifeline 2022 is quickly approaching. We also shared some devotionals from Our Daily Bread.

Here are both of our devotionals from Our Daily Bread:

Jonathon’s devotional is titled, “The Perfect Name”. You can find the link here.

Dylan’s devotional is titled, “Stronger Than Hate”. You can find the link here.

Question: Which book did David write the most of?
Answer: Psalms

Congratulations to Mackenzie of Mount Vernon for guessing the correct answer! She wins a 2021 Voice of the Cougars Drawstring Backpack.

Thanks for listening!

-Dylan and Jonathon

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