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Ohio State Fair

For King and Game Time!

Another busy day here at the WNZR Studios, but we gave you lots of chances to win today here on the Afternoon Drive!
The Ohio State Fair is coming right around the corner, and we’re giving you the opportunity to win For King and Country Ft. Zach Williams tickets all these next two weeks by playing artist trivia!
Our Name that Tune today was ‘Messengers’ from Lecrae Ft. For King and Country!
Congratulations to Sherrisa from Howard for correctly guessing!
Our For King and Country trivia question today was “IN addition to ‘Messengers’, what else did For King and Country win a Grammy for in 2015?’
The answer was ‘Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for ‘Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong.’ Congratulations to Amber from Mt. Vernon for answering correctly and receiving the two tickets to the For King and Country tickets!
Congratulations to Aleshia from Gambier for correctly guessing our Song Poetry today!
She is yearning
For shelter and affection
That she never found at home
She is searching
For a hero to ride in,
To ride in and save the day
It was ‘Does Anybody Hear Her’ from Casting Crowns!

For uplifting news today… Getting sports tickets are a big deal, but it’s even cooler if it’s tickets to your favorite team given to you by your dad after a long days work. Read the story of Colt and his Cubs tickets here!
Here’s a story about a man named Joshua who gives free haircuts! Check out his website here!

Our word of the day today…
bona fide
adjective ||  bo·na fide \ˈbō-nə-ˌfīd, ˈbä-; ˌbō-nə-ˈfī-dē, -ˈfī-də\

  1. law :  made in good faith without fraud or deceit bona fide offer to buy a farm

  2. 2:  made with earnest intent :  sincere bona fide proposal

  3. 3:  neither specious nor counterfeit :  genuine has become a bona fide celebrity

    Thanks for listening!



Game Time Tuesday!

Good Tuesday afternoon!
The Ohio State Fair has released the performing artists for the 2017 fair!
This year For King and County will be there, and Zach Williams will be there also! If you’d like more information about the fair and these concerts, click here!

Uplifting Tuesday today had it’s roots at the end of WWII.
“An Auschwitz survivor and the Scottish commando who saved her celebrated their 71st Valentine’s Day together this week. John Mackay, 96, helped liberate a number of prisoners from the concentration camp—including Hungarian Jew Edith Steiner, now 92. The two met at a village dance to celebrate the prisoners’ liberation and have been together ever since. They married in 1946 and eventually settled in Dundee, Scotland—where, this year, the couple rang in Feb. 14 at a party in their senior citizens’ home. “It’s lovely to have such a real example of true love with us,” said one staff member.”

We also had another Uplifting Tuesday story, and this one was cookie related!
“After a Girl Scout selling cookies was robbed at gunpoint, California cops reached into their own pockets to make things right. Harshita Phardwaj, 12, and her mom were running a cookie stand outside a Union City supermarket when a man threatened them with a gun and stole all their cash. Local police are still looking for the culprit, but decided to help Phardwaj’s fundraising drive by buying all of her remaining cartons of Samoas, Thin Mints, and other Girl Scout Cookies — donating $1,000 in total. “We did what we could to make it loving, compassionate, and healing,” says Officer Lisa Gratez.”

Our lyrics for song poetry today were:
“Then like a hero who takes the stage when
We’re on the edge of our seats saying it’s too late”
This song is MercyMe’s ‘Flawless’!

And our Name That Tune today was Mighty to Save from Laura Story!

Congrats to Darcy of Howard who guessed our Song Poetry correctly, and to Landis of Belleville who won our ‘Name that Tune’ today!
They will both be receiving a $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Our word of the day today is ‘Cabotage‘ (noun *  KAB-uh-tahzh)
This means “trade or transport in coastal waters or airspace or between two points within a country.” To learn more about this word, check it out here!

Thanks for listening!
Have a great rest of your day!
– Lilly

NZ Top 10 – 8/5/16

ryan and gabe
Ryan Stevenson and GabeReal at #1 this week! (photo from Gotee Records)

This week’s NZ Top 10 on WNZR:

10. Jordan Feliz – Never Too Far Gone
9. Aaron Shust – Ever Be
8. Danny Gokey – Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
7. MercyMe – Dear Younger Me
6. TobyMac – Move (Keep Walkin’)
5. 7eventh Time Down – God is on the Move
4. Jonny Diaz – Breathe
3. Lauren Daigle – Trust in You (at Ohio State Fair tomorrow!)
2. Jeremy Camp – Christ in Me
1. Ryan Stevenson f/Gabe Real – Eye of the Storm

Our Breakout Hit of the Week is the new Casting Crowns song, ‘One Step Away.’ Find out more about the new album here.

Our Word of the Day is kith, which is a noun meaning familiar friends, neighbors or relatives.

Thanks for listening!


GISH what?

IMG_20160802_171542634_HDRGISHWHES (pronounced GISH-whez) is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.  Today we visited with MVNU 2016 graduate Emily Holt about her team of 15 people participating in this year’s event, including Chris Morrison (pictured here with Emily).

Emily’s team gets points for being interviewed live on a radio or TV station, so WNZR was honored to give her that chance today!

You can hear more about this Monday when we feature Emily’s team on #MeetTheTeamMonday.

We had a STUMPER on Game Time Tuesday, so that comes back next week…we also gave away our last pair of tickets to see Matthew West and Lauren Daigle at the Ohio State Fair Saturday night. Congratulations to Breanna from Fredericktown for winning the tickets!

Today’s Word of the Day was glower (GLAU-er or GLOW-er), which, as a verb, means to have an angry or sullen look on your face.  That scowl look is glower as a noun.

Thanks for listening!


A nutty Mystery Monday…

IMG_20160801_173749880It’s August 1st…are you ready for your last gasp of summer? Even though the Knox County Fair wrapped up Saturday night, On The Road With Big Blue stays moving this week with First Friday this week and the Ohio State Fair on Saturday.

Eddie hid today’s Mystery Box item…it was a snack size bag of salted peanuts…congratulations to Geana of Howard who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

We also gave away a pair of tickets to the Matthew West/Lauren Daigle concert at the Ohio State Fair this Saturday night. Our winner was Ruth from Utica – we’ll give away our last pair tomorrow!

Our Word of the Day is kerfuffle (ker-FUFF-ul), which means a disturbance or fuss. It originates from the Scottish word fuffle, which means to dishevel.

Thanks for listening!


Mystery Monday – Fairs, Food, and Chris Tomlin

Today was the first day almost back to normal for the Afternoon Drive.

We were On The Road at the Knox County Fair all last week and you can see all the pictures and videos from that over here on our Facebook page.

It was also Mystery Monday, and since Joe Rinehart was On The Road with Big Blue and the rest of our crew at the Ohio State Fair in preparation for the Chris Tomlin concert, I decided to have an Ohio State fair themed Mystery Monday question.

I asked what the most popular fair food is at the Ohio State Fair and, after receiving around 30 guesses from corn dogs to saltwater taffy, I finally got a call from Rosana from Butler correctly guessing deep fried buckeyes.

Our Word of the Day was leitmotif, a noun meaning a dominant recurring theme. You can read more on that here.

Have a great week!


One crazy summer

Yea, I realize I stole the name of an 80’s movie for this post, but it works…

We just finished up our long week at the Knox County Fair, and even though there were some extremely hot days, it sure was great to get to see and talk to so many of you.  There were some new things this year, like the amazing community support of the Smith family on sale day, the very entertaining EuroBungy ride right behind our tent, and our first-ever broadcast from the Jr. Fair Sale of Champions.  Then there’s the stuff that you just expect- Porkette sandwiches, sitting in traffic after the Rough Truck contest, battling to keep ants out of the tent, Figure 8 school bus smash-ups, etc.

I also love seeing so many hard-working kids in our 4-H programs that restore my faith in the leaders of tomorrow.  Getting to talk to some of them Thursday during the sale made me realize that great families are alive and well in Knox County, and we at WNZR need to stay the course-  providing a radio station that encourages and supports them in their marriages, parent-child relationships, and most importantly, their relationship to God.

I can’t say thanks enough to the many folks who make the Knox County Fair special.  The Sr. and Jr. Fair Board do a great job.  Special thanks this year to Jim Shipley, Linda Lahmon, Rochelle Adam, Larry Hall and Byron Rock for their direct impact on our broadcasts this year.  John Curtis and Rod Atherton were amazing in getting our sputtering golf cart up and running. 

To Kim Bradley and her helpers  from Mount Vernon First Naz- the snacks were awesome!  Thanks for being salt and light to our community.  And our staff- great job!  I have a great team in DJ, Jayme, Derek, Sam, Christa, Nikki, Marcy and Rachel.

Now we move into August, and the schedule just keeps on moving…tomorrow we’ll join the MVNU Alumni Association for Faith Day at the Reds-Giants game (with Mercy Me concert to follow), Monday it’s David Crowder Band at the Ohio State Fair, and then before you know it, First Friday, the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival and Veggie Tales.

I hope to see you before the summer ends on our GREAT ADVENTURE!

– Joe

It’s been a fair week

The last week or so has been a whirlwind for Jayme and me…a full week at the Knox County Fair, then spending Monday at the Ohio State Fair, and Tuesday’s Veggie Tales event with ‘Sweet Pea Beauty.’  So, it seems like today I’m finally sitting down to reflect…and share some of those stories with you.

I heard from one father who told me Tenth Avenue North’s music has really “gotten to him.”  He says he’s been a casual listener of the station because his kids like to listen, but now the lyrics are really starting to get through.  For guys, sometimes it’s hard to admit that something has stirred us emotionally, but I think songs like “Healing Begins” and “Hold My Heart” convey the peace that comes when we finally allow God in…to help us as we confess our failings or disappointments, and help us heal and repair.

We also heard from a woman at the Ohio State Fair who told us she moved back to Ohio last summer, moved in with sister and heard her listening to Christian radio online.   Her initial reaction was “what in the world are you listening to?”  In the beginning, she wanted no part of it, because her alcohol and drug habits took priority in her life.  One day, she sat down and really listened to a Jeremy Camp song.  Again, as she told us, the lyrics started sinking in…she started attending church with her sister, and she told us she was celebrating her victory over substance abuse by coming to see the artist whose music made the initial breakthrough.  Very inspiring…and I told her that her story would be a great motivator for our staff.

Then, Tuesday, as I watched a couple hundred small children enjoy Veggie Tales, I was reminded of something I heard recently…”whoever wants the next generation will get them.”  It’s a scary thought…but I was thankful that God has provided the resources for creative minds like the folks at Big Idea to reach children at an early age with a message that God loves them JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.  I’m also thankful that our station can be a vehicle to bring those messages to kids.  Parents, I assure you that God wants this next generation. So, please…do what you can to help them get to Him.

Please keep praying for WNZR as we seek to do God’s will and glorify Him…and thank you for the stories of how Christian radio is helping you in your daily walk.  Keep them coming!


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