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Mystery Monday: Summer Adventure Edition

Today we talked about all the stuff WNZR is going to be up to these next couple of days.

Joe and Marcy are out this week. Joe is enjoying a well deserved vacation while Marcy and Rachel explore New York City! Back here at the station we’re gearing up for July First Friday! This coming Friday (July 5th) we’ll be in downtown Mount Vernon with one of our signature prize baskets valued at 240$!

A congratulations this week to Ruth from Mount Vernon. She correctly guessed the top two answers to our mystery question!

Where do kids nowadays spend most of their time?

Room / Bed
Friend’s house

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NZ Top 10 – June 30, 2017


Here’s this week’s countdown:

9. Jordan Feliz – Beloved
8. Micah Tyler – Never Been a Moment
7. TobyMac – Love Broke Through
6. Mandisa – Unfinished
5. Casting Crowns – Oh My Soul
4. Tenth Avenue North – I Have This Hope
3. Hillsong Worship – What a Beautiful Name
2. Chris Tomlin – Home
1. MercyMe – Even If

Hillary Scott and the Scott Family – Still (watch the lyric video here)
Hillsong United – Wonder (watch their lyric video here)

This week’s Behind the Mic song was Danny Gokey – More Than You Think I Am

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NZ Top 10 6/23

I hope you’ve had a great week! Ready for the best way to end your work week?
Here we go!

9. Beloved – Jordan Feliz
8. Never Been a Moment – Micah Tyler
7. Unfinished – Mandisa
6. Love Broke Thru – TobyMac
5. Oh My Soul – Casting Crowns
4. I Have this Hope – Tenth Avenue North
3. What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship
2. Home – Chris Tomlin
1. Even If – Casting Crowns

Our NZ Behind the Mic feature this week was from Grammy Award winning artist, Laura Story. Check out her song ‘Open Hands’ here, and check out her interview with New Release Today about the song here!

Our NZ Back to Back artist feature spotlight fell on Kari Jobe!
Check out her website here,
and check out her songs “I am not Alone‘ and ‘We are‘!

Our NZ Rewinds take us back to 2006 this week!
Check out Casting Crowns ‘Praise You in this Storm’ 
and ‘My Savoir My God‘ from Aaron Shust!

Our NZ New Music Friday came to us courtesy of For King and Country, and Zach Williams! Check out ‘O God Forgive Us‘ and ‘Old church Choir‘!

Our NZ Fan Choice of the week came to us courtesy of Olivia from Mt. Vernon! Priceless from For King and Country was her choice of the week! Check it out here!

Thanks for listening!
– Lillu

CANDY MONTH Mystery Monday

I love candy, but who doesn’t?
Today on the show, Rachel and I talked all about candy!
Check out these fun facts!

  • The man who invented cotton candy, William James Morrison, was a dentist.
  • Fairy Floss was the original name of cotton candy.
  • Snickers, one of the most popular candy bars today, was named after the Mars family horse
  • A lollipop, which was invented by George Smith in 1908, was named after Lolly Pop, a racing horse.
  • Easter is one of the big candy holidays and each year candy companies make more than 90 million Easter bunnies and 16 billion jelly beans just for the one day holiday.
  • Almost everyone eats the ears off of their chocolate Easter bunnies before they eat anything else.
  • Across the country, red jelly beans are most commonly chosen as the favorite amongst children.
  • Almost every child in America will go trick or treating this year (93%).
  • If you laid out all the candy corn produced in a year from end to end, you could circle the Earth more than 4 times.
  • More than 75% of the candy given out during trick or treating is bite-size chocolate bars.

Our Mystery Monday Mystery Question was as follows…
In early 1995, Mars ran a promotion in which consumers could vote what color M&M replaced the tan M&M. What color ended up replacing the tan M&M.

The answer was BLUE! Congrats to Amy of Mt. Vernon who answered correctly!

Our word of the day today was, aptly, confectionery!
noun || con·fec·tion·ery || \kən-ˈfek-shə-ˌner-ē\
This is the confectioner’s art or business, sweet foods (such as candy or pastry, or  a confectioner’s shop!

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Game Time Tuesday!

Today for Game Time Tuesday, we played our two fun games, Song Poetry, and Name that Tune. With Song Poetry, we read a small section of lyrics from a song we play on the station, and you have to call in and guess the artist as well as the name of the song!

Our Song Poetry song today was ‘He Knows My Name’ from Francesca Battistelli!
Congratulations to Lisa of Danville who correctly guessed!

For Name That Tune, we play a 10 second clip of a song we play on the station, and again, you have to guess the artist and the name of the song.
Our song for Name That Tune was ‘How Can I Keep From Singing ‘ from Chris Tomlin!
Congratulations to our winner, Triana of Bellville!

Thanks for listening!

NZ Top 10 – 4/28

There’s no better way to kick off the summer than with the NZ Top 10, so let’s get to it!

This one’s for Josh, Justin, Jenna, Jess, Faith, Bethany, Cameron, Jacob, Aubrey, and Emily.

10. Home – Chris Tomlin
9. Magnify – We are Messengers
8. Chain Breaker – Zach Williams (BIGGEST FALL. DOWN 2).
7. Never Been a Moment – Micah Tyler
6. I Have this Hope – Tenth Avenue North (BIGGEST RISE. UP 2).
5. Rise – Danny Gokey
3. What a Beautiful Name – Hillson Worship
2. Even If – MercyMe
1. Love Broke Thru – TobyMac (5th week at #1, 10th week in the countdown).

We went ‘Behind the Mic’ with Natalie Grant today, where we talked with her about her song ‘Be One’. Read her interview about ‘Be One’ with NewReleaseToday here!
And listen to the song here!

Our Breakout Hit of the Week was from Elevation Worship.
Check out ‘O Come to the Altar’ here!

Our NZ Rewind took us back to this week in 2005!
Check out Steven Curtis Chapman’s ‘More of You’ here,

The NZ Back-to-Back Artist Spotlight fell on TobyMac!
Check out his website here!
Listen to his songs ‘Burn for You‘, and ‘One World‘!

This week, our NZ Fan Choice of the week was in honor of our Senior Graphic Designer, Bethany Waal. Her favorite song is “Just be Held” from Casting Crowns.
“When it feels like your world is falling apart, it’s actually falling into place.”
Listen to the song here!

We’ll see you on Monday for our first show of the summer!
Thanks for listening!

Its Gardening Month!

For the Morning Thing Game of the Day,Bible Trivia, we asked this question, “What did Judas do to identify him when he betrayed him?”

The answer is he kissed him.

We also shared some cool gardening tips to help you celebrate gardening month!

If you think you don’t have space for a garden check THIS out!

gardening for blog


Mystery Box Calculations…



I’m stressing out a bit…I see buttons that say SIN, COS and TAN.  It’s the Mystery Monday Mystery Box item!


Congratulations to Sarah from Mount Vernon, who helped me figure it out and wins a $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Lifeline 2017 starts Wednesday with our annual Day of Prayer and Praise!  Click here to learn more.

Our Word of the Day is sarcasm, a noun meaning  a sharp, satirical or maybe ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain.

Thanks for listening!

Praise Thursday


Cameron and Christa talked today on the Afternoon Drive about the stories behind the songs Come Alive by Lauren Daigle and Stars by Skillet.

They also shared the word of the day: laconic (using or involving the use of a minimum of words : concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious).

We also got a surprise call from Joe and Eddie! We heard about how things have going at NRB and some of the greatest take-aways!


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