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First Day of Holly Jolly 25!

Today is the first day of Holly Jolly 25! 25 straight days of your favorite Christmas songs till Christmas Day! WNZR would also like to thank these businesses for supporting our Holly Jolly 25; A+ Auto Brokers, GR Smith Hardware, Knox Community Hospital, Knox Starting Point, Lewis Clark Insurance Agency, and Mid-Ohio Powersports. WNZR’s Holly Jolly 25- our Christmas gift to you!

For Praise Thursday Jonathon shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread called “Mutual Encouragement”. Xochitl Dixon shares from Hebrews 3 in the first devotional in the Holiday Edition for Our Daily Bread! You can find a copy with us at WNZR whenever we go “On the Road with Big Blue”.

I later shared a devotional called Remembering Christmas. I shared that the Christmas season can feel crowded and sometimes overwhelming, but the day of Jesus’ birth the innkeepers had no room and Mary gave birth in a stable and laid him in a manger. That before the hustle and bustle of the season, before we forget, lets remember to make room for the true meaning of Christmas.

We are on the road with Big Blue this Saturday, December 3rd from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Fredericktown Christmas Walk Charity Auction. It will be a Country Christmas this year to celebrate the 22nd Annual Christmas Walk and Charity Auction with a partnership with Food For the Hungry of Knox County to help raise funds to support Fredericktown Interchurch, the Fredericktown Salvation Army, and the Fredericktown Community Relief Fund. To register for the annual 5K fun run or walk at the link found on the Fredericktown Christmas Walk Facebook page.

Congrats to Henry from Howard for guessing the correct answer of Bing Crosby, “Do you Hear what I Hear.” He wins an Anne Wilson, My Jesus cd!

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Looking for Christmas Concerts??

Today for Artist Newsday, Jonathon shared some special Christmas concerts coming to the area! You can find shows from Riley Clemmons, Sidewalk Prophets and more on our website!

Emma shared about For King and Country and how they will be special guests on the holiday episode of “CMT Crossroads”! They will join Natalie Grant and Rebecca St. James on the show airing exclusively on CMT. Check out the full story HERE.

Your past is dead and gone
Your healing has begun
I’m making all things new, oh

This week was a stumper, so make sure to tune in next week for another chance to win with the Afternoon Drive!

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon & Emma

Success in our sacrifice?

That’s what Jennifer Schuldt shares in today’s Monday Motivation from Our Daily Bread. She refers to I John 3:16 as the model. Read more by clicking here.

Dylan shared ‘A Hot Meal’ from Katara Patton, based in Matthew 25. Read more by clicking here.

Name an animal starting with the letter C that you NEVER want to eat:
1 – cat (64 votes)
2 – camel (8)
cougar (8)
3 – cow (4)
4 – cheetah (3)
coyote (3)

Congratulations to Kathy from Mount Vernon, who guessed our top two answers and wins the Chris Tomlin CD, ‘Always.’

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

On this Thanksgiving Eve…

We bring you WHO KNEWS about cranberries, cashews and espresso coffee!

Who Knew? November 23rd is…

National ‘Eat a Cranberry’ Day

A tart, but healthy snack, packed with antioxidants and rich nutrients….just in time to be featured on Thanksgiving Day tables everywhere!

The name for Cranberry was originally craneberry, derived from the German “kraanbere”. Why would a berry be named after a bird? The craneberry got its name due to the English believing that the flowers and stem resembled the neck of that same bird, the Crane!

National Cashew Day

Cashew trees can get really big. The world’s largest cashew tree can be found in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and covers well over 81,000 sq ft. To put that into perspective, that’s a tree that covers 1.8 acres, or nearly 70 times that of a normal cashew tree.

After harvesting cashew nuts, you may want to store them up until you have a decent number, because processing them is a bit of an ordeal. The edible meat of the cashew is surrounded by a shell and a very dangerous, caustic liquid related to poison ivy. USE CAUTION WHEN PROCESSING YOUR CASHEWS. Wear long sleeved clothing, gloves, and goggles to keep the liquid from getting on your skin or in your eyes.

National Espresso Day

A shot of espresso is a refinement of coffee, distilled down to its most potent elements and delivered in special cups that should have a warning label that reads “High Vibration and Caffeine Jitters Ahead”!

In Turin, Italy, in 1884, thanks to the innovative methods of Angelo Moriondo, coffee had seen a new age of enlightenment, as his new machine found a way to separately control the passing of steam and water through the coffee. This innovation made it possible to extract the fullest possible potential from the humble coffee bean.

Who Am I?

  • I was born November 23, 1859 in New York City but some theorize I was born on September 17th
  • My real name was Henry McCarty, but my pseudonym was William Bonney
  • My father’s death led our family to move to Indiana, then Kansas, then New Mexico
  • I was orphaned at 15 when my mother died
  • I became a thief and a fugitive before settling as a rancher in Arizona
  • My life was a series of conflicts, crimes and gunfights before I died in 1881 at 21 years of age
  • There is only one authenticated picture of me

I am… Billy The Kid. Congratulations to Kari from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins a copy of We The Kingdom’s self-titled CD!

Thanks for listening, Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll talk to you Monday!
– Joe and Dylan

Phil Wickham’s First Grammy Nomination

Today on the Afternoon Drive we end the show at 4:45 as we get ready for the MVNU women’s basketball game against Bethel University. Pre-game will starts at 4:45pm and the game will start at 5:00pm!

Emma shared some news about how Phil Wickham has been nominated for his first Grammy Award. He was nominated for his song “Hymn of Heaven” was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song!

We had another stumper this week! So stay tuned next week for song poetry!

Thank you for listening!

-Dylan and Emma

NZ Top 10 for 11/18/22

Praise the Lord it’s Friday! Here is this week’s countdown:

10. Chris Tomlin – Always
9. Zach Williams – Heart of God
8. TobyMac f/Blessing Offor – The Goodness
7. MercyMe – Then Christ Came
6. Rachael Lampa f/TobyMac – Perfectly Loved
5. Mac Powell – New Creation
4. Elevation Worship – Same God
3. Ben Fuller – Who I Am
2. Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave – God is in This Story
1. Colton Dixon – Build a Boat (3rd week at #1)

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY adds this week:

Matthew West – Come Home for Christmas

Brandon Heath f/Tasha Layton – God Made a Way

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

Last Day for Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Registration!

To kick off Praise Thursday Emma shares her devotional from “Wellbeing” day 3. Sharing that we have very little control over our emotions or our environment. That when we worry it’s our brain’s way to gain control when there is none. “A healthy mind doesn’t try to control its situation, a healthy mind accepts that sometimes life will bring hard circumstances.”

Jonathon then continues with his devotional from Our Daily Bread titled “A Heavenly Reunion.” He talked about when we die God promises a heavenly reunion that can comfort us when we are grieving the loss of a loved one who trusted Jesus. Also our promised future with Jesus gives us hope when facing our own immortality, until we are called home or Jesus comes back.

Today is the last day to be registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt! Congrats to Jana and Jennifer from Mount Vernon they are registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt. There is still only ONE chance for you to get registered, TONIGHT at 8 with Ben Alexander.

We had some game time with Name that Tune! Congrats to Rodney from Gambier who gest the right answer of Live With Abandon by Newsboys. He wins a Casting Crowns CD! There is still a chance to win a CD next week during the drive.

Thank you for listen!

Emma and Jonathon

Lots of Who Knews? on November 16!

Who Knew?

  • the sequel to the 1982 classic “A Christmas Story” debuts tomorrow on the streaming service, HBO Max. The story, “A Christmas Story Christmas,” picks up 30 years after the original, with Peter Billingsley reprising his role as Ralphie!
  • This is National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child – click this link for local collection information
  • this year’s National Toy Hall of Fame inductees are the top, Lite Brite and Masters of the Universe. The Strong Museum of Play’s website can be found by clicking here
  • November 16, 1855 – David Livingstone discovers the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in the country now known as Zambia
  • I was born November 16, 1907 in Cleveland, OH
  • I joined a theatre company in New York City in 1929
  • I made my Broadway debut as Peter in the production Romeo & Juliet
  • I was an Air Force Information Officer in World War II
  • I was also a theatre director and earned a Tony Award nomination for the Broadway production of Ulysses in Nighttown
  • I played the Penguin in the 1960’s Batman TV series
  • I played Rocky Balboa’s trainer in the first three Rocky films
  • I died on September 9, 1997 at the age of 89

I am…Burgess Meredith, actor and Air Force veteran. Congratulations to Rendell of Mount Vernon who guessed correctly and wins the CAIN CD, ‘Rise Up.’

Congratulations to today’s registered listeners: Cynthia from Walhonding and Maude from Mount Vernon!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

Behold! New Music, New Artists, New Opportunities!

Today, Emma and I shared about some artists in the news this week, and we also shared some new Christmas songs that were added to our playlist last weekend!

Congratulations to Kirk Franklin, who is currently on tour with Maverick City Music, as he will participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! You can read more about it HERE

Also in the news is Colton Dixon. Well…kind of. His wife is launching her solo career in the music industry! Read about it HERE

Congrats to Cheryl from Danville and Jeff from Mount Vernon as they are now registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt! Don’t forget to be listening to Tom’s gobble every time you hear a live dj for your chance to get registered. Thanks to Smithhisler Meats of Mount Vernon we will be giving away 5 Turkeys and the winners will be announced at 7:30am this Friday, November 18th on the Morning Thing!

We did not have a winner this week for song poetry, but stay tuned next week for song poetry as we give away 2 CDs. Don’t forget to listen to the Afternoon Drive tomorrow for Who Knew Wednesday with Joe Rinehart and Dylan Elliott.

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

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