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Lifeline 2020

Praise Thursday: It's Time to Pray…Again and Unimaginable


It’s Time to Pray…Again

Because this is such a new devotional – it’s not on the website! So, here is a picture!
Generic Lifeline POSTPONED-01.png

As you can see, Lifeline 2020 has been postponed. Click HERE to find out more.

Here at WNZR we are devoted to keep you informed during this crazy in the world. We are updating our COVID-19 Update page daily with information from Trustworthy.

Hi, this is Hannah. Today’s show was my last Afternoon Drive as a student. I just wanted to pop in a quick thank you in this blog. My last four years working for WNZR have been so have been so transformative in my life. I’ve been able to develop my professional skills, along with so many other things. I was adopted into a family. All of that was possible because of you. So, from a deep part of my heart, thank you. I cannot truely put into words how much these last four years have meant to me. 
Untill next time.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

– Hannah and Todd

Mystery Monday: Dad, why are you always wearing a hat?

Here are the devotionals that we shared today from Our Daily Bread!

Spiritually Exhausted?

This devotional was so hot off the presses, that they don’t have it up on the website yet! Here’s a picture instead of a link!

HERE is that same Link from the devotional above about Bernice Lee and Tan Soo-Inn!

Name something men do when they start to go bald.

1. Wear a hat
2. Comb over

3. Stressed out
4. Where to pay
5. Dye their hair

Congratulations to Laura from Mount Vernon who correctly guessed our top two answers to our mystery question! She won one of our new Game On T-Shirts!

We shared that there is an amazing thing coming to Mount Vernon! Tragedy in Triumph, right here on the campus of MVNU – to learn more about this event click HERE.

We are just around the corner to Lifeline 2020!!! Click HERE to find out more!

Thanks for checking out our blog!

-Hannah and Joe

Praise Thursday: Jesus in Disguise & Catching Foxes

Jesus in Disguise

Catching Foxes

The Our Daily Bread website is packed fully if amazing content! You can check it out HERE.

Austin French begin his music career by finishing runner-up on which TV show?

Answer: “Rising Star”

Congratulations to Marissa from Fredericktown  who guessed our artist trivia question and won those two pass to WinterJam 2020! If you want to know more about this click HERE!

We talked a little bit about Lifeline 2020 today! If you want to know more, click HERE!

Thanks for checking out our blog!

-Hannah and Todd

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