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Mystery Monday: Dad, why are you always wearing a hat?

Here are the devotionals that we shared today from Our Daily Bread!

Spiritually Exhausted?

This devotional was so hot off the presses, that they don’t have it up on the website yet! Here’s a picture instead of a link!

HERE is that same Link from the devotional above about Bernice Lee and Tan Soo-Inn!

Name something men do when they start to go bald.

1. Wear a hat
2. Comb over

3. Stressed out
4. Where to pay
5. Dye their hair

Congratulations to Laura from Mount Vernon who correctly guessed our top two answers to our mystery question! She won one of our new Game On T-Shirts!

We shared that there is an amazing thing coming to Mount Vernon! Tragedy in Triumph, right here on the campus of MVNU – to learn more about this event click HERE.

We are just around the corner to Lifeline 2020!!! Click HERE to find out more!

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-Hannah and Joe

Who Knew Wednesday: The last day of our dig into Christmas Carols!

Carols, carols, and more carols!
Today Todd and I talked about all things carols, first, we listened to two MVNU professors, Dr. VanZant and Dr. VanNest, share about their favorite Christmas carol!
(Click on the picture to hear the conversation.)
Dr.Mike VanZant
  _Dr. Doug VanNest
Copy of Mystery Monday xmas
Congratulations to Bob from Howard who won a North Main Café Gift Basket and James from Mount Vernon who won an Amy Grant CD! They have both been entered to win the Grand Prize. Click HERE for more info on this!
animation (3)
What was the first Christmas carol about?  
Answer: The earliest carol was written in 1410. Sadly, only a very small fragment of it still exists. The carol was about Mary and Jesus meeting different people in Bethlehem.
Click HERE for more fun Christmas carol facts!
Congrats to Charla from Utica who guessed what the first Christmas carol was about! She won the $5 Gift Card to Troyers of Apple Valley!
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Hannah and Todd

Praise Thursday – It’s time to talk about Christmas!

Our new Devotional series:

Hidden Christmas By Timothy Keller


Isaiah 9:2, 5-7:

Verses 2  “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness, a light has dawned.”

Verses 5-7: “Every warrior’s boot used in battle and every garment rolled in blood will be destined for burning, will be fuel for the fire.  For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Of the greatness of his government and peace, there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.”


One of the first indications of the Christmas season is LIGHT. The appearance of lights seemingly everywhere – on trees, with candles, above streets; there is radiance all around us.

Lights are not just for decoration, of course, they are symbolic.

In his book, Hidden Christmas, Pastor Timothy Keller says one of the most important spiritual truths at Christmas is this: the world is a dark place, and we will never find our way or see reality unless Jesus IS our light.

Keller writes that the word ‘darkness’ in the Bible refers to evil and ignorance. The world has evil and untold suffering. The world also has no one who can cure the evil and suffering. We look towards the earth and our human resources to try to fix the world. We think we can end darkness with intellect and innovation. That’s the ignorance.

So the message of Christmas is NOT, “we will be able to put together a world of unity and peace.” The message, instead, is a humble one: “Things really are this bad and we can’t heal or save ourselves. Nevertheless, THERE IS HOPE.”

Notice the verse in Isaiah doesn’t say the light comes from the world…it says that upon the world a light has dawned. It has come from the outside, and Jesus has brought that light to save us! Because, as John 8:12 says, He IS that light!


Notice the verse in Isaiah doesn’t say the light comes from the world…it says that upon the world a light has dawned. The light has come from the outside, and Jesus has brought that light to save us! Because, as John 8:12 says, He IS that light!

So how can this divine light “dawn” upon us? Verses 6 and 7 answers with what Timothy Keller calls a stunning directness.

The light has come “for unto us a child is born.” This child is the “wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

If we embrace this, we understand the significance of its meaning – the creator of the universe is “born to us!” Jesus is fully God and fully human. There’s nothing like this claim in any of the other major religions of the world.

Think about this: it’s almost too limiting to say that we celebrate this at Christmas…yes, we do celebrate, but don’t we also have moments at Christmas where we stare dumbstruck and lose ourselves a bit in wonder, love, and praise?

The implication of God being born into our world, of choosing to become one of us, is overwhelming! Jesus is the divine light of the world, because he brings a new life to replace our spiritual deadness, shows us the truth to heal our spiritual blindness…and is the beautiful light that can help break our addictions to anything from money to power.

Keller writes, “the promises of Christmas cannot be discerned until you first admit that you can’t save yourself or even know yourself without the light of his unmerited grace in your life – it’s a foundational truth!”

We gave away two tickets to the MVNU performance of G. F. Handel’s Messiah on December 8th! Congrats to our friend from Mount Vernon who was caller number three and won those tickets! Click HERE to find out more about MVNUs performance of G. F. Handel’s Messiah.

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-Hannah and Todd


Mystery Monday: Grandma’s Teeth and Something Special?

Today on the Afternoon Drive we had lots of fun ringing in the thanksgiving week! We shared about #MVNUthanks and campus kindness day!

We shared about the Turkey Trot here at MVNU to help support Food for the Hungry!  Click HERE to find out more!

With TWO chances to win!

Here is Today's Family Feud Style Mystery Question!

Question(S) Today!

  1. Name something families use only when special guests visit.
    • Answers: 1. China/ Crystal, 2. Silverware, 3. Guest Room, 4. Table Linens
    • Congratulations to Dan from Howard who guessed the top to answers right and won a $5 gift card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.
  2. Name a reason Grandma might take out her false teeth.
    • Answers: 1. To Go Clean Them, 2. Going to Sleep, 3. To Eat/ Drink, 4. They hurt
    • Congratulations to Jamie from Danville who guessed the top to answers right and won the second a $5 gift card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.
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– Hannah and Joe

Fun Fall Activities

On the show this morning Lexie and Hunter shares a wide variety of fall activities to do with Family, Friends and kids. There are so many great thing to do this fall.

If you missed any of the show or just want to look at the full list click HERE.

Lexie and Hunter also shared unique things to do instead of carving pumpkins. Painting and decorating pumpkins is a fun alternative.

For all those ideas click HERE.

Who Knew Wednesday: National Hispanic Heritage Month

Today Todd and I had the honor of talking with Jaylynn Añascol and Gerardo Molina, both MVNU students!

We have so exciting news – we are now sharing the conversations we have on air on the blog!

Jaylynn shared about her Hispanic Heritage from Uruguay:

Click HERE for the conversation that we had! 

Joe also had the chance to speak with Gerardo Molina, also known as Tato who is from El Salvador! Click HERE is that conversation! 

Thank you for checking out the blog!

-Hannah and Todd

Community Collaboration!

Tonight, Joe was able to attend the joint meeting of the Mount Vernon City School Board and City Council at Twin Oak Elementary School…here is the official press release!

CONTACT: Samantha Scoles
Coordinator of Communications/PR
740-397-9000, ext. 4347

April 10, 2019


HEADLINE: Collaboration makes $20-million ‘Access to Opportunity’ possible

 MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — In 1966, Mount Vernon Nazarene College and the current campus of Mount Vernon High School/Middle School were cut from the cloth that was once Columbus Delano’s Lakeholm Farm. Fifty-three years later, pieces of that fabric are being woven back together in a progressive partnership with benefits reaching beyond the classroom.

The close collaboration of community partners, bearing the name “Access to Opportunity,” encompasses four major construction projects on or near the campuses of MVHS/MS and Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The Education Gateway Project at the MVHS/MS will include a new sports Field House, a bus garage and will extend Yellow Jacket Drive to Cougar Drive. MVNU will build a Soccer and Lacrosse Stadium and Community Soccer Fields while the city of Mount Vernon will replace the Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge and connect the Kokosing Gap Trail with Memorial Park and MVNU.

North Campus Map.psd

The flurry of activity that will come as these four construction projects become a reality will position the university and the school district for the future, but will also provide a boost to the area’s marketability for new industry and residents.

“We are always in the market to help drive business growth in Knox County and land new companies. That work is assisted by the fact that you have world-class facilities because it makes recruitment that much easier,” said Jeff Harris, executive director of the Area Development Foundation Inc., which serves as the county’s economic development organization.

While individual facilities are not the lone draw to expanded economics, Harris explains it is the sum of the parts such as Ariel-Foundation Park, plus the Woodward Opera House, plus a dynamic Industrial Park, plus the athletic expansion at MVHS and MVNU, plus a thriving and expanding hospital — that add up to one community being more attractive over another.

“They will serve as deal clinchers,” said Harris. “Envision someone considering an investment in Mount Vernon but they are on the fence. They start going through the tally sheet. Having these new facilities allows another checkmark on the Mount Vernon side of the ledger, and makes that decision more in our favor.”

What’s even more impressive than the structures that will be built, is the collaboration between local entities to make this all possible. From the bridge and bike path project to the athletic facilities, conversations and cooperation have included city school district leadership, Jacket Boosters Inc., MVNU, city officials, Knox County Foundation, the YMCA, Mount Vernon Soccer Association, ADF, Mount Vernon City Council, Mount Vernon City Schools Board of Education and a long list of advisors and donors.

“What’s unique about this community is the way the people love to collaborate and share resources,” said William Seder, superintendent of Mount Vernon City Schools. “I strongly believe we can do things together and be fiscally responsible for the betterment of everybody. Donors were initially excited about the Gateway Project and there was an even greater excitement about the potential to share and make this even more of a community resource.”


To make all of these projects work, entities have working together to re-imagine land usage, partner for efficiencies and shared utilization of facilities for students and the community, and enhance both campuses as well as Mount Vernon Avenue.

“These projects demonstrate the long history of collaboration between Mount Vernon Nazarene University, the city of Mount Vernon and Mount Vernon City Schools,” said MVNU President Dr. Henry W. Spaulding II. “We are excited to see how this project will enhance sports competition in the City of Mount Vernon. I cannot wait for that day when people drive down Mount Vernon Avenue and see multiple games being played. It will be a source of joy for the community, and especially for the university.”

Knox County Foundation has already pledged funds to the Field House and the Community Soccer Fields. In addition, it continues to provide guidance to assist in optimizing fundraising endeavors.

“This multi-faceted project, the Access to Opportunity, is one more example of the vibrancy of our Knox County community,” said Sam Barone, executive director of Knox County Foundation. “The Foundation is delighted not only to support components of the Education Gateway Project, and MVNU’s soccer and lacrosse complex, with grants from its unrestricted funds, but also to reprise a role it has played many times as a central receiving point for contributions to the project from the community. In this capacity, we can facilitate gifts of stocks and bonds, and donor-advised funds gifts, which are often complicated for school systems and colleges to process.”


Those interested in financially supporting the Field House can do so by contacting Tiell at or 614-679-6509; Justin Sanford, Athletic Director, Mount Vernon City Schools at or 614-580-09000; or mail donations to Jacket Boosters Inc., P.O. Box 776, Mount Vernon, OH 43050. Online donations are accepted by visiting and clicking “Donate Now.”

For more information on MVNU’s stadium project, or to donate, visit

Who Knew Wednesday: Celebrating Music In Our Schools Month!

Here are the full conversations that we shared today! So many thanks to Chuck Dettmar from Centerburg local schools, Dr. Joann Koh-baker from MVNU and Lizzy Terwilliger a student at MVNU for sharing with us!

Here is some more information on Music In Our Schools Month!


Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 5.01.28 PM.png

Name A Style Of Music That You’d Be Surprised To Hear That A Teenager Listened To:

  1. Classical –  43 points
  2. Country  – 27 points
  3. Jazz –  19 points
  4. Opera   – 9 points

Congratulations to Nathan from Norwalk who guessed our top answer today! He won that $5 gift card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

the who knew food corner

Here is the Blog Exclusive Who Knew Food Conner – It’s Spanish Paella Day!

If you don’t know what a Paella is, it’s a traditional Spanish dish, made with rice, meat or fish, and a delicious sauce. Whilst many countries and regions have their own recipes and variations, the best paellas are made in Spain, on the beach, with fresh seafood.

Here are some recipes!

Easy and Classic Paella recipe

The Ultimate Paella

Thank you SO MUCH for checking out our blog!! 
-Hannah and Lilly

Game Time Tuesday!

Welcome in to another fun day of games and uplifting news!
For Song Poetry today, the lyrics were as follows…
“Cause you stood right there
And then you broke apart the lies
You told me I had something beautiful inside
You brought to life the part of me I thought had died.”
That’s Britt Nicole with her song ‘Through Your Eyes’.
Congrats to Ashley from Belleville who guessed correctly!

We had a little uplifting news today! Think about knowing your best friend, then finding out you were actually brothers. Read their story here.

Our Name that Tune song was ‘One Step Away’ from Casting Crowns!
Congratulations to Jamie from Danville for correctly answering!

Thanks for listening!


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