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Praise Thursday

First Day of Holly Jolly 25!

Today is the first day of Holly Jolly 25! 25 straight days of your favorite Christmas songs till Christmas Day! WNZR would also like to thank these businesses for supporting our Holly Jolly 25; A+ Auto Brokers, GR Smith Hardware, Knox Community Hospital, Knox Starting Point, Lewis Clark Insurance Agency, and Mid-Ohio Powersports. WNZR’s Holly Jolly 25- our Christmas gift to you!

For Praise Thursday Jonathon shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread called “Mutual Encouragement”. Xochitl Dixon shares from Hebrews 3 in the first devotional in the Holiday Edition for Our Daily Bread! You can find a copy with us at WNZR whenever we go “On the Road with Big Blue”.

I later shared a devotional called Remembering Christmas. I shared that the Christmas season can feel crowded and sometimes overwhelming, but the day of Jesus’ birth the innkeepers had no room and Mary gave birth in a stable and laid him in a manger. That before the hustle and bustle of the season, before we forget, lets remember to make room for the true meaning of Christmas.

We are on the road with Big Blue this Saturday, December 3rd from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Fredericktown Christmas Walk Charity Auction. It will be a Country Christmas this year to celebrate the 22nd Annual Christmas Walk and Charity Auction with a partnership with Food For the Hungry of Knox County to help raise funds to support Fredericktown Interchurch, the Fredericktown Salvation Army, and the Fredericktown Community Relief Fund. To register for the annual 5K fun run or walk at the link found on the Fredericktown Christmas Walk Facebook page.

Congrats to Henry from Howard for guessing the correct answer of Bing Crosby, “Do you Hear what I Hear.” He wins an Anne Wilson, My Jesus cd!

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Last Day for Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Registration!

To kick off Praise Thursday Emma shares her devotional from “Wellbeing” day 3. Sharing that we have very little control over our emotions or our environment. That when we worry it’s our brain’s way to gain control when there is none. “A healthy mind doesn’t try to control its situation, a healthy mind accepts that sometimes life will bring hard circumstances.”

Jonathon then continues with his devotional from Our Daily Bread titled “A Heavenly Reunion.” He talked about when we die God promises a heavenly reunion that can comfort us when we are grieving the loss of a loved one who trusted Jesus. Also our promised future with Jesus gives us hope when facing our own immortality, until we are called home or Jesus comes back.

Today is the last day to be registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt! Congrats to Jana and Jennifer from Mount Vernon they are registered for the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt. There is still only ONE chance for you to get registered, TONIGHT at 8 with Ben Alexander.

We had some game time with Name that Tune! Congrats to Rodney from Gambier who gest the right answer of Live With Abandon by Newsboys. He wins a Casting Crowns CD! There is still a chance to win a CD next week during the drive.

Thank you for listen!

Emma and Jonathon

An Invitation to a Flourishing Life

For Praise Thursday, Emma continued with day two of a devotional series called Well Being: An Invitation to a Flourishing Life.

Jonathon shared another devotional from Our Daily Bread entitled “God Redeems Our Pain”. This piece shares a story similar to Naomi’s in the book of Ruth!

We also talked about Veterans’ Day tomorrow and how veterans can catch an MVNU men’s basketball game for FREE this Saturday against Penn State-Greater Allegheny at 3:00pm! The game will feature the color guard for the pregame national anthem and a special presentation for veterans at halftime!

Congrats to Daniel from Gambier, our winner for this week’s name that tune! The song was “Miracles” from Colton Dixon and Daniel wins a Matthew West CD with his album “Brand New”.

Also, congratulations to Harriett and Ron from Mount Vernon for getting themselves registered for our Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt.

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon and Emma

When Weakness is Strength

For Praise Thursday, Emma and Jonathon both shared some devotionals to push you through the end of this week!

Emma started a new series entitled “Wellbeing”. You can take a look at this devotional HERE.

Jonathon’s devotional came from Mike Wittmer with Our Daily Bread, entitled “When Weakness is Strength”

Congratulations to Flo from Howard for winning this week’s Name That Tune! She wins a deluxe CD of Rescue Story from Zach Williams! This week’s song was “Sunday Sermons” from Anne Wilson.

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon & Emma

Nominate your Pastor

Today is praise Thursday and first Jonathon shared a devotional from “Our Daily Bread” called “Legacy of Friends.” He shared about how friendships that are connected by love of God encourages us and brings us closer to Jesus. That true friends will give us truths that might be hard to hear. They are there in true crisis. In life we need friends and we need to be a friend. That we need to be a friend that draws others to Jesus.

Emma then shared Day 1 from a devotional by Brandon Lake called “Help!” She read about the story of Joseph and his tribulations that the enemy tried to “demote” him and God was able to use it to “promote him into his purpose.” That whatever trials you are going through, God can use it as your testimony! That He can take anything the enemy throws and can turn it for good and “promoting you into purpose.”

Today at midnight is the last day to nominate your pastor for Clergy Appreciation Month! Tomorrow during The Morning Thing we will honor 5 local pastors and they will receive a $20.00 gift certificate to La Paloma Mexican Restaurant and a $10.00 gift certificate to the Gospel Christian Life shop in downtown Mount Vernon. We will also draw three pastors for our Grand Prize of an overnight stay in a standard room at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel. So nominate your pastor today!

Game time as we played Name that Tune! Congrats to Tra from Mount Vernon who guessed the correct answer of “”God Only Knows” by for King & Country. He wins a CD of Natalie Grant’s album “Who Else.” Stay tuned next week as we will have CDs from Dove Award Nominated artists.

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Last Day of “While We Wait”

Emma and Jonathon start the show talking about the third week of Clergy Appreciation Month! Every Friday during the month of October we are honoring 5 local pastors on The Morning Thing. Each pastor mentioned will receive a $20.00 gift card, this week is North Main Cafe and they will also receive a $10 gift certificate to the Gospel Christian Life Shop in downtown Mount Vernon. All nominated pastors will be put into a drawing for an overnight stay at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel and WNZR will be giving three of those away! To nominate your pastor today click this link!

Emma then shared the last day of While We Wait”. She shared that the worst kind of waiting is when you don’t know the specifics of what you are waiting for, that you might be saying, “I don’t have a promise.” You have the promise that God does have a plan for you and it is good. You have a promise that even when you are not sure where you are going and how you are going to get there, God we be beside you the whole way. That in this time of waiting can refine you and reveal your weakness, which is a good thing because that is where you find your strength.

Jonathon then shared his devotional called “Walk On” a story about Ben Malcolmson who was a walked on the University of Southern California football team. That Malcolmson wanted to share his faith and even gave his teammates a Bible, but his teammates rejected the idea. However, one teammate did read his Bile shortly before his tragic death and had demonstrated a relationship with God. We may have shared Jesus with someone and has rejected it, but even when we don’t see the results we want, “God’s truth is powerful and will accomplish His purposes in His timing.”

We then shared about tomorrow October 21st is Women’s Volleyball senior night! will be broadcasting the night to honor our seniors. Senior night will start at 6:50 pm and the game against Goshen College will start at 7:00 pm.

We then played name that tune and congrats to Kathy from Mount Vernon! The song was Less Like Me by Zach Williams and she wins an Austin French CD! There is still a chance to win an Austin French CD next week.

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Last Action Bible Giveaway

Emma and Jonathon kicked things off things with sharing about WNZR’s Dove Awards Prediction Prize Giveaway. You can cast your predictions for “Song of the year” and “Artist of the year.” All correct predictions will be entered into the Dove Nominee CD prize package giveaway. All entries need to be in by 5:00pm on Tuesday, October 18th. Here is a link to fill your picks or you can even email us or send your picks to our station.

Emma shared day 6 of While We Wait. She shared about how when we don’t understand the purpose for the waiting, it is easy for us to be discouraged, frustrated, and angry in the process. That in this time in our lives we need to put our trust in God. That we need to understand that even when His way are not our ways, that He only has the best for us even when we don’t recognize it.

Jonathon then shared with us his devotional from Our Daily Bread titled “Self-Control in God’s Strength.” He shared that we might struggle to show self-control when we are offered something we desire, if when we know it would benefit us to wait. That God grows us in our waiting, that showing self-control is apart of.

We then played Name that Tune, congrats to Jack from Mount Vernon for correctly guessing Holy Water by: We The Kingdom! Today was the last day to win The Action Bible but stay tuned next week for your chance to win an Austin French cd!

Thank you for listening

Emma and Jonathon

Apples and Bread!

We started the show with the new total from the Starting Point Family Day and 5K event that was last Saturday October 1st. The current total is at $36,440 with $1,560 to go to reach their goal of $38,000. If you would like to donate to help reach this goal just click on this link and click donate.

On the road with Big Blue! Join the Big Blue Crew at the Johnny Appleseed Apple Fest sponsored by The Peoples Bank of Gambier, tomorrow Friday October 7th, from 5-8pm. East Ohio Avenue between South Main and South Gay will be pack with vendors, food trucks, live performers and more! Don’t forget to stop by Big Blue to register to win a special baked apple desserts from Least of These Ministries! We are giving away 4 of these home-made desserts- 2 apple pies and 2 loaves of Dutch-apple bread. So don’t forget to stop by and see Big Blue!

Johnathon shared a devotional from “Our Daily Bread” titled Lego Lessons. In this devotional told the story of the creator of Legos Ole Kirk Christiansen. That it took Christiansen years until Legos were finally sold in stores. That with perseverance in challenges of work we can strive to grow not only in our work but also in our faith.

Emma then shared day five ofWhile We Wait.” The author of day 5 Liz Sarno wrote about her trip to NYC and all of the delays that she went through on her trip. That because of these delays we become agitated and frustrated, but we have no clue what amazing things God has for us in those delays. That when we are patient and embrace the waiting it can refine us and bring us to a place of wholeness.

Game time with name that tune and we are continuing giving away The Action Bible! Congrats to Lyle from Howard for guessing the correct answer of Glorify by Jordan Feliz! If you still want an Action Bible there is still time, we are giving them away next week during the Afternoon Drive.

Thank you for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

God’s Community

Join WNZR to celebrate our 36th Anniversary this Saturday October 1st! First at Knox Starting Point Family Day and 5K from 10am-Noon at the Fredericktown Community Park. Then at Memorial Park in Mount Vernon for the TAC (Teen Advisory Council) Color for a Cause and 1 Mile Walk and Run from Noon-3pm, and will be broadcasting from 1pm-3pm. Also, at both events the first 90 people to stop by Big Blue will get homemade buckeyes from The Least Of These Ministries.

Emma then shared day four of the devotional series While We Wait. She shared that when we are going through hard times we need a “true community” and not be isolated to the darkness we are going through. That this true and trusted community can anchor us and give us peace during this season of darkness. That this community should remind us that God is for us.

Jonathon then shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread about The Power Of a Name. How God changed Abraham and Sarah names when he made a covenant of love with them. Showing us how names are important in the Bible, often reflecting a person’s character traits or role. That we should show joy by calling others by name and affirming who God created them to be.

Name that Tune! We gave away a special prize today, an Action Bible! Congrats to Caleb of Mount Vernon for guessing the correct answer of Hold On To Me by: Lauren Daigle! If you are interested in the Action Bible here is a link to purchase one.

It is global student prayer week! We prayed for our country, for the loss of Emma West, and for those who are effected by Hurricane Ian. If you want to help those who are effected by Hurricane Ian, Samaritan’s Purse is an amazing organization that is helping with disaster relief, here is a link to help!

Thank you so much for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

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