Today Todd and I dove deeper into the topic that we have been sharing a little bit about every day this week- International week of happiness at work!

Today we shared some types on how to implement this into your life and why this week is this week.


Here are the tips we shared: 

1. Do Something You Love Every Single Day

You may or may not love your current job, and you may or may not believe that you can find something in your current job to love, but you can.

Take a look at yourself, your skills, and interests, and find something that you can enjoy doing every day. If you do something you love every single day, your current job won’t seem so bad.

Here is the link to the Why the Happiest and Unhappiest Careers Are Unique to You” article! 

2. Take Responsibility for Knowing What Is Happening at Work

People often complain that they don’t receive enough communication and information about what’s happening with their company, their department’s projects, or their coworkers. They wait for their boss to fill them up with knowledge. And, the knowledge rarely comes.

Why? Because the boss is busy doing their job and doesn’t know what you don’t know. Seek out the information you need to work effectively. Develop an information network and use it. Assertively request a weekly meeting with your boss and ask questions to learn. You are in charge of the information you receive.

Click HERE from the article that we have been using for tips all week!


We also talked about the origin of the International week of happiness at work! 

HERE is the link for the all the info on that.

I would have linked the Happy Office website, but it was all in Dutch!

Today’s trivia question was: 

What nationally were the two women who created the International week of happiness at work? 

This was a stumper today!!

Thanks for looking at our blog!!

-Hannah and Todd