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Albums and EPs On the Way!

This week, we highlighted some new albums from two artists that are either already here or on the way!

Jordan St. Cyr has been a busy man to start the year. He is set to release his first full length album on March 4th. He is also celebrating his single “Weary Traveler” which is currently No. 1 on radio’s AC Indicator Chart for the second week in a row! Jordan St. Cyr began the year being named the No. 2 Top New Christian Artist of 2021, according to Billboard. His hit “Weary Traveler” continues to be added on radio stations across the country. It is also in the top ten on the Christian Airplay and AC Monitored charts. 

Here is what he had to say on the release of his upcoming album. “My prayer for this album is that these songs would bring comfort and joy to those who hear them. It is also my prayer that listeners would be more hopeful and open to the depths of God’s love for them knowing that their circumstances are not a reflection of how God feels about them, rather that their circumstances would reveal the closeness and nearness of the Holy Spirit.”  

He recently wrapped up his tour with Anne Wilson and is now gearing up for Jeremy Camp’s “I Still Believe Tour,” which kicks off next month. 

Maverick City Music continue to release brand new music with their first album of 2022! The EP entitled “Breathe” was released to celebrate Black History Month and features Joe L Barnes, Maryanne George, Naomi Raine, Chandler Moore and Dante Bowe backed by the Mav City Gospel Choir. The EP features live and studio versions of standout songs lifted from 2021’s Jubilee: Juneteenth album, including “Breathe,” “Joy of the Lord,” and “Make it Right,” plus three all-new original recordings. The Breathe EP serves as a reminder to all who listen to take a moment to breathe and celebrate life and the legacy of black gospel music.

Also, don’t forget that Steven Curtis Chapman will be in Mansfield this March! The Christian musician will bring his tour to Crossroads Church Thursday, March 24th starting at 7:00pm thanks to Rise FM.

For more information on the show, visit

I’ve been thinking ’bout time
And where does it go
How can I stop my life from passing me by, I don’t know

Congratulations to Kaleb of Fredericktown for correctly guessing that today’s song was Keep Me In the Moment by Jeremy Camp! Kaleb wins a Voice of the Cougars drawstring backpack!

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon and Dylan

Seeking God’s Help

Today is Praise Thursday! We read two devotions today from Our Daily Bread. Our first one was called “Seeking God’s Help” by Amy Boucher Pye. God rescued His people from the invading armies, and He hears us when we cry out to Him in distress. Whatever your concern—whether a relationship issue or something threatening from the natural world—lift it to God in prayer. Nothing is too hard for Him. To read more click HERE. Our second devotion was called “In the Vine” also by Amy Boucher Pye. When we who believe in Jesus embrace the idea of being as close to Him as a branch is to a vine, our faith is strengthened and enriched. Click HERE to read more!

Q: When David wanted to fight Goliath, what did Saul try to give him?

A: His armor

Congratulations to Letha of Mount Vernon for answering that question correctly, she won a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks for listening

-Kelsi and Alyssa

Mystery Monday!

Good afternoon!
I hope you had a great weekend!

We’re back with another week of music and fun here on the Afternoon Drive!
Today was mystery Monday, and man, this one went quick!
I did the shake test and we learned that this was an item that you’d find in most offices, and we have it here at WNZR.
Lydia from Mt. Vernon called in and correctly guessed that it was a can of air freshener!
She knew it before I did! Well, congratulations to Lydia!

Our Mystery Monday Question today was in what year did the Gibson Guitar Company release its first guitar for sale, and how much did it cost?

The year was 1935, and the cost was $150.
The guitar was the legendary ES-150.

These ES-150’s costed so much less back in the 1940’s, but now, they run for around $2,000. They are a little different now, because they aren’t really made anymore with the Charlie Christian pickups they were originally manufactured with. They are now made with dog ear P90’s.
Charlie Christian’s have a lot of power and warmth, but the tone is also very clear.
You could say the Charlie Christian looks a little like a nowadays hotrail. A hotrail is a really powerful, passive pickup that works better for hard rock and metal.
Now, Gibson makes ES-150’s with dog ear P90’s. P90’s can get you twangy country sounds, or harder humbucker type tones. It just depends on which pickup you’re using and what amp you’re playing through.

Here’s our word of the day…

Pompadour [pom-puh-dawr, -dohr, -doo r] 

1. an arrangement of a man’s hair in which it is brushed up high from the forehead.
2. an arrangement of a woman’s hair in which it is raised over the forehead in a roll, sometimes over a pad.
3. a pink or crimson color.
 In Textiles…

any fabric, as cotton or silk, having a design of small pink, blue, and sometimes gold flowers or bouquets on a white background. Or a fabric of the color pompadour, used for garments.

Thanks for listening!
-Lilly the guitar nerd

Scheduled & spontaneous prayer


Today we continue our summer series on prayer, inspired by the book The Battle Plan for Prayer, from Alex and Stephen Kendrick.

Our thoughts today focus on both scheduled and spontaneous prayer.

SCHEDULED? There are times in life when we may be motivated to pray – but prayer should also be part of a daily schedule.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 reminds to “pray without ceasing.” That means never being far from the attitude of talking and listening to God.  Our goal is to make prayer a natural part of our thinking.  We pray in the quiet moments and in the chaos.

Prayer is an ongoing opportunity. It’s a critical part of the life of a believer.  A priority and a passion.

David made prayer a habit even as he was king (Psalm 55:17).  Daniel prayed to God three times a day, even when he knew it could cost him his life.  Jesus modeled the habit of prayer in Mark 1 and Luke 5.

We can do this.  We can schedule this.  Individual prayer, family prayer, small group prayer over coffee, etc.  When we want something bad enough, we will make time in our schedule to do it.  Jesus offers us eternal treasures from his Word. So let’s stop making excuses for not scheduling prayer!

Plan to spend time to be with the Lord and watch what He does with it in your life!

SPONTANEOUS? Sometimes unplanned events give us the chance to respond to life with prayer…at a moment’s notice.  This is how we engage with whatever comes at us.  We learn to use spontaneous prayers.

Psalm 32:6 says, “Let everyone who is Godly pray to You in a time when You may be found.”

What are those times? An unexpected blessing. A crisis for you or someone you know or care about. When you need wisdom and clarity in a financial situation.  When you need courage to share your faith.  Prayer can be an immediate reflex rather than a last resort.

What can prompt us to pray? Here some things we experience on a regular basis:

  • Newness – when we begin something new (project, relationship, year)
  • Needs – physical, emotional or spiritual needs; He is Jehovah Jirah, the God who provides. Matthew 6: 8-11 reminds us that He knows what we need even before we ask Him
  • Blessings – as God provides, protects, guides and forgives, thank Him!
  • Burdens – take these to the Lord and stop trying to solve them all on your own; this means not just your burdens, but those of your friends and family (Galatians 6:2)
  • Crisis – these are the life-changing events where we turn to Him; Psalm 50:15 says, “Call upon Me in the day of trouble…I shall rescue you.”
  • Worries – we can turn worry into prayer. Philippians 4:6-7 and I Peter 5:7
  • Sin – anything related to sin should lead us to pray. Jesus instructed his disciples to pray when tempted.  We have to humble ourselves and confess our sin.  I John 1:19 reminds us that we can trust that He will forgive and cleanse us!

Our circumstances should launch our prayers.  We can pray for anything and everything!

With all of this in mind, our Word of the Day is spontaneous (spon-TAIN-ee-us), an adjective meaning something that arises from a momentary impulse.

Thanks for listening!

Who Knew? Summer Health edition…


Today our show focused on a variety of summer health tips from UMR’s Healthy Living June issue…

1- Be bike safe EVEN if it makes you look silly! Click here for a printable bike safety checklist.

2- Exercise can be WITH your kids – keep them active! Find out more in this article/tips from middle school running coach Judy Svendsen here.

3- Vitamin Enjoyment?  What are the benefits? A 2009 study in Psychosomatic Medicine shared that leisure activities and hobbies that you enjoy can give you satisfaction, but your body may also thank you for it.

The more we turn to our active leisure activities, the better chance we have of lowering blood pressure and our body mass index. This makes the case for trying to find the fun factor in physical health.  So find something you enjoy and do it often!  One great idea is just a 15 minute evening walk 3-4 times a week.

4- Nix the nail biting! It can help your health.  Texas A&M researchers found these five reasons why:

  • fingernails have germs – then they get into your mouth…
  • nail biting could lead to painful nail infections called cellulitis
  • nail biting can impact your smile and mouth hygiene – teeth can shift and you could get bad breath from germs on your gums
  • biting your nails increases the chance of hangnails or ingrown nails
  • if you paint your nails, toxins in polish or gel polish can put you at risk of poisoning

Today’s Word of the Day is what you read earlier – cellulitis (cell-you-LIE-tus), which is a noun meaning simply, inflammation of cellular or body tissue.

Thanks for listening!

Games, great neighbors & a crazy word!


Today’s Song Poetry lyrics:

Well maybe you’re sitting in math class,
Maybe on a mission in the Congo,
Maybe you’re working at the office,
Singing along with the radio.

The song? “Do Everything” by Steven Curtis Chapman! Congratulations to our winner, Kari from Mount Vernon, who picks up a $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Our Name That Tune clip was from “Prodigal” by Sidewalk Prophets.  Tracy from Fredericktown was our winner!

Our uplifting stories today have a fatherly theme and were recently shared on the NBC TODAY show…they come from Belleville, Illinois and a 5-year-old named Brian Kelly…click here for the story!

and a special guitar surprise in Michigan…click here for the story!

Today’s Word of Day is beatinest (BEET-n-ist), a sort of slang adjective common in the southern parts of the U.S. It means remarkable or unusual. Example: “This a beatinest town!”

Thanks for listening!

Mystery Question Monday


Today’s Mystery Monday question came from a Harvard University study that showed that the average age for stopping THIS is 33.  So what is it that we stop?  We stop having a birthday party!

Congratulations to Donna of Mount Vernon who won the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Our Word of the Day is perspicuous (per-SPICK-you-us), an adjective that describes something plain to our understanding due to its clarity and precision of understanding. If your speaking or ideas are called perspicuous, it’s a compliment – it means people can understand you.

Thanks for listening!

Gold, Games and Elephants!

Good afternoon! I hope you’re having a great day!

Today on the show, we played Song Poetry, and Name that Tune for Game Time Tuesday!
Our Song Poetry prompt for today was…

“It’s time to get our hands dirty
Be love there’s a whole lot of hurting
Calling all hearts
Calling all hands
Calling all feet to take a stand”

Congratulations to our winner, Kimberly of Utica who answered correctly!
The song was “Be One’ from Natalie Grant!

Our Name That Tune today was ‘Gold’ from Britt Nicole!
Congratulations to Bre from Mt. Vernon who guessed correctly and won!

For uplifting news today, we talked about one of my favorite bigger animals, the elephant, and a 94 year old man who donned his flying jacket one last time!
Check out these heartwarming stories!

“Elephants in northern India have been sporting colorful woolen jumpers knitted by local women. Staff at the Wildlife SOS elephant sanctuary in Mathura were worried that the animals might not survive the freezing winter nights. All 20 animals there were rescued from abusive owners, and some remain physically frail. When the village women heard of the elephants’ plight, they knitted a bulk load of huge, pajama-like garments to keep them warm.”

A WWII fighter pilot has taken to the skies for the final time, at the age of 94. Dr Sandy Saunders suffered 40% burns when his plane crashed in 1945. He was given a skin graft by the pioneering plastic surgeon Sir Archibald Mcindoe, joining a group of patients known as the “Guinea Pig Club”. Saunders, who has terminal cancer, donned a flying jacket and scarf to fly a vintage Tiger Moth for a new BBC documentary. “It just brings it all back,” he said. “I wish I were young again.”

Our word of the day today was a fun one!
This is British slang. which means absolutely first-rate; superb; excellent. It’s used as an exclamation of approval,wonder, or pleasure.
Like many slang terms, the source or sources of whizzo are hard to trace precisely. The final -o is the common suffix used to form colloquial nouns and adjectives. The whizz part of whizzo may derive from whiz, a noun meaning “a person expert in a particular activity,” from the verb whiz “to make or move with ahumming or rushing sound.” Just as plausibly, whizzo may be an alteration and shortening of the colloquial British usage of wizard “excellent,” used as an adjective and exclamation. Whizzo entered English in the early 20th century.

Thanks for listening! – Lilly

Praises for shoe boxes, ACTS & festivals!


A big show today on the Afternoon Drive!  We shared our monthly spotlight on Operation Christmas Child and also continued our focus on prayer. Then at 5pm, we joined the Big Blue Crew at the Danville-Howard Turkey Festival.

OCC is giving away hashtag shirts this month that say #WeMakeDisciples. It reminds us that the ministry of Operation Christmas Child does so much more than just deliver shoe boxes. They offer a 12-step discipleship course called The Greatest Journey. Find out more by clicking here.

Our prayer focus this week was on the types of prayer, namely the ACTS model of prayer. This stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. The book The Battle Plan for Prayer by Alex and Stephen Kendrick shares that you can approach God in any and all of these areas as needed.  They can provide a natural progression as you pray.

Adoration: prayer that praises and worships God (hallowed be thy name)

Confession: prayer that gets honest about sin and staying right with God (forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us)

Thanksgiving: God-directed, humbly expressed gratitude (thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever)

Supplication: asking for something from God; a petition or appeal (give us our daily bread; lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil)

We hope to see you at the Danville-Howard Turkey Festival – find out more here!

Thanks for listening!
-Joe and Lilly

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