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Mystery Monday

Embracing Creation

Today’s Monday Motivation focused on the beauty of creation, from Our Daily Bread author Lisa Samra:

In the 1901 hymn “This Is My Father’s World,” pastor and poet Maltbie Babcock wrote of the delight he felt on his frequent outdoor walks, where he was captivated by breathtaking panoramic vistas. Writing of his fascination with the skies, seas, and creatures, he described sensing God’s presence and concluded, “He speaks to me everywhere.”

Although creation doesn’t have an audible voice, as His handiwork it’s one important way we learn about the One who “made the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them” (ACTS 14:15). In creation we see evidence of God’s glory (PSALM 19:1), as well as aspects of who God is, such as His eternal nature (ROMANS 1:20).

When we observe the strength of the wind or the roar of rushing water, creation showcases God’s power. Described in the poetry of Job 38, His power is evident in ordering the seasons (VV. 12-13), directing the weather (VV. 22-30), overseeing the cosmos (VV. 31-33), and sustaining living creatures (VV. 39-41).

Creation is also the means by which we experience many of God’s blessings. Through creation, He blesses us with food and drink (GENESIS 1:29-30), as well as many other necessities that sustain us (MATTHEW 6:25-33). More than simply a physical blessing, creation is a way that God restores our souls as we experience the peace of gentle pastures and quiet streams (PSALM 23:1-3).

In all these ways and more, creation is visible and tangible evidence of who our Creator God is, revealing His character, love, and constant care of us.

Here’s the Amy Grant version of the song we played on the show today!

Give me a three letter word that starts with the letter Z:
1- Zoo (40 votes)
2- Zip (18)
3- Zap (15)
4- Zen (13)
5- Zit (13)

Congratulations to Lisa from Howard who guessed the top two and wins the Chris Tomlin CD, ‘Always.’

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

A 200 million Euro mistake

Today I shared a devotional from Marvin Williams reminding us to, in no uncertain terms, ‘Stay Awake.’ He starts telling the story of a German bank mistake and links it to Matthew 26. Read it by clicking here!

Mom’s Night Out update – 59 seats left for Friday night’s event. Find out more by clicking here.

Name kids’ park equipment adults would probably hurt themselves using.

Monkey bars – 35 votes
Slide – 28
Swing – 27
Merry-go-round – 5
Seesaw – 3

Congratulations to Louise from Fredericktown, who guessed correctly and wins the TobyMac CD, ‘Life After Death.”

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

Operating with prayer!

It may only be May 8th, but summer (what?) is here at WNZR.

The MVNU academic year finished last week for students, while professors are finishing their grading this week. We are so grateful for your prayers and support as we make another transition this summer!

I will be hosting the Monday shows solo this month, while Zoe Bricker joins me on Tuesdays-Fridays.

Personally, I am grateful for Jonathon, Emma and Dylan, who all helped us finish last week strong, balancing finals and graduation with the Crossroads League Softball Tournament. Our entire WNZR team was in overdrive last week to wrap up the 22-23 year.

Today’s Monday Motivation comes from Jennifer Benson Schuldt, reminding us of an Old Testament leader who sought to operate with prayer – read the devotional from Our Daily Bread by clicking here.

Would you please join us in praying that we, as a summer team, can operate each day, like Jennifer suggests, IN PRAYER? Thank you!

Name hot-temperatured things.

Fire (26)

Coffee (24)

Tea (21)

Stove (16)

Fireplace (13)

Congratulations to Asher from Mount Vernon, who, with his brother David, guessed correctly and win the TobyMac CD, Life After Death.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

Bright messages on a dreary day

Even though we might be yelling at Old Man Winter’s return today, we’ll try to offer some light!

We were reminded by Karen Huang that scripture gives us a beautiful transition from John 3:16 to Romans 5. Karen shares “Will You Still Love Me?” Read it by clicking here.

Dylan shared Tim Gustafson’s devotional, “Stolen Gods,” which speaks to the awesome power and uniqueness of our God. Read it by clicking here.

Today’s ticket winner: Denise of Mount Vernon! She wins tickets to Friday night’s show at the Knox Memorial Theatre.

Presented by MTVartsfind out more here.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

Shining your light

Monday Motivation today starts with Alyson Kieda and her reflection on Matthew 5:16, where we are encouraged to let our light shine. Read “Opportunities to Shine” by clicking here.

Dylan shared Karen Huang’s reflections on Psalm 145, “Always Trustworthy.” Find out more by clicking here.

Name an item you might order at brunch:

Eggs/Omelette/Eggs Benedict – 29 votes
Waffles – 25
Pancakes – 23
Mimosa or Bloody Mary – 11
Bagels – 7
Hash browns – 5

Congratulations to Monica from Mount Vernon, who got the top two answers and wins the Chris Tomlin CD, “Always.”

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

Finding your way when you’re lost…or asleep.

Today’s Monday Motivation starts with a devotional from Leslie Koh on finding our way back when we lose our way. Read “Pressing On in Jesus” by clicking here.

We also shared encouragement from Revelation 3 about ‘waking up’ when we get lazy or fall asleep. Joe’s pastor recently talked about a ‘revival’ of the heart where we wake up spiritually. The keys to this include:

  • breaking complacency
  • killing laziness
  • feeding what you want to grow – focusing on getting fed by the things of God
  • obeying, repenting, and repeating as needed: “God, help me to be obedient and approach you with a humble and repentant heart…”
  • guarding your heart – if the heart is our wellspring and where we hold everything, then allow God His rightful place on the throne of your heart

Verses that help with this process include: Matthew 8:35 and 23:37, Ephesians 5:14, Isaiah 26:19 and 52:1, Psalms 3:5 and 57:8, Proverbs 4:23 and Philippians 4:7.

Name a word that rhymes with horse:

Force – 24
Source – 19
Course -16
Divorce – 15
Endorse – 12
Remorse – 10

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

The Olive Tree

(from The Action Bible: Easter)

Come on in. You’re welcome to join us here in the garden of Gethsemane. Believe it or not, I’m one of the oldest trees in the grove. I’m 750 years old, give or take a decade. But I’m still going…and growing…even though my trunk is all twisted and knobby.

I come from a long line of olive trees. In fact, I’m sure some of my ancestors even grew in the garden of Eden. God made us not only beautiful, but useful too. Our silvery leaves provide shade. Our wood can be used to build chairs or cook meals. Did you know the trees like me even help create the air you breathe? God created us trees for all kinds of amazing purposes. Another unique feature we treat possess is we’re quiet…which makes us really good listeners.

Tonight, a young man was here asking God for help. Of course I listened, not because I’m nosy, but because the man was crying and praying with such urgency. I wanted to help. His friends called him Jesus. He was praying right beneath my branches. Do you know what his friends did? They fell asleep. Even after he’d ask them to pray with him. This must have made him feel completely alone.

Later in the night, another man arrived and greeted Jesus with a kiss on the cheek. Immediately, a noisy group of soldiers showed up and roughly took Jesus away. Those friends who came with Jesus were fully awake then! They scattered like the little creatures that run around the grove at night. I wanted to do something, but the roots that keep me growing also keep me in one place.

I’m sure his friends are praying now wherever they went. You know, 700 years ago when I was just a sapling, I heard another man named Isaiah talk to God in this garden. I think he was praying about Jesus – the very same man here tonight.

God has a plan. And having known God for as long as I have I bet it’s a good one.

Today’s book winner – Jackie from Mount Vernon – congratulations!

Lifeline 2023 UPDATE: $76,685! Thank you!

Thanks for listening,

Adventures and encouragement

Welcome to the new week! 2 Corinthians drives this first devotional from Kimya Loder, ‘Finding Strength in God.’ You can read it by clicking here.

Running from turkeys? That’s what gave Mike Wittmer a new sense of the story of David and Goliath. Read it by clicking here.

This week we are giving away copies of the NIV Adventure Bible.

Today’s winner – Kelly from Mount Vernon. Congratulations!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

New week, new beginning

Psalm 120-121 serve as the fuel for Monica La Rose’s devotional from ‘Our Daily Bread,’ perfect for a Monday. Read ‘A New Beginning’ by clicking here.

Ephesians 6 drives this devotional from Xochitl Dixon, ‘Prayer Cards.’ Read it by clicking here.

Name something you might eat with crackers.

Soup (28 votes)

Cheese (24)

Peanut Butter (21)

Chili (16)

Sliced meats (11)

Congratulations to Kelly from Mount Vernon, who answered correctly and wins the TobyMac CD, Life After Death.

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