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Artist Newsday Tuesday!

Today on The Drive Zoe shared some artist news about NEEDTOBREATHE and Dante Bowe.

Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum-selling, and chart-topping musician Dante Bowe announces his new self-titled album, out July 21 via his label he co-founded TRUE Music. The project finds Bowe in a new light as he experiments with sounds, blending hip-hop, gospel, r&b, and more. to read more about Dante Bowe and this article you can visit HERE

NEEDTOBREATHE just announced their world tour! NEEDTOBREATHE has announced their Fall “CAVES World Tour,” in support of their upcoming new studio album, CAVES. Within the first couple hours since the announcement, fans actually crashed the band’s web server. The band sent out a follow-up email about the site issue, “Y’all took down The Insiders site with your enthusiasm.”

to read more about NEEDTOBREATHE you can visit HERE

It is also Game Time Tuesday which means we played song poetry. We had a stumper from last week which was “By Your Side” by Tenth Avenue North. Congratulations to Linda from Mt. Gilead for winning!

Thanks for listening

-Zoe Bricker 🙂

Let there be Light!

Today is Praise Thursday! Here is the Devotional Zoe shared from Our Daily Bread

In my daughter’s earliest days, I often named for her the things she encountered. I’d identify objects or allow her to touch something unfamiliar and say the word for her, bringing understanding—and vocabulary—to the vast world she was exploring. Though my husband and I might naturally have expected (or hoped) her first word would be Mama or Daddy, she surprised us with an entirely different first word: her small mouth murmured dight one day—a sweet, mispronounced echo of the word light I’d just shared with her.

Light is one of God’s first words recorded for us in the Bible. As the Spirit of God hovered over a dark, formless, and empty Earth, God introduced light into His creation, saying, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3). He said the light was good, which the rest of Scripture bears out: the psalmist explains that God’s words illuminate our understanding (Psalm 119:130), and Jesus refers to Himself as “the light of the world,” the giver of the light of life (John 8:12).

God’s first utterance in the work of creation was to give light. That wasn’t because He needed light to do His work; no, the light was for us. Light enables us to see Him and to identify His fingerprints on the creation around us, to discern what is good from what is not, and to follow Jesus one step at a time in this vast world.

By:  Kirsten Holmberg

We also played Name That Tune

We also played Name That Tune and we want to say congratulations to Macey from Mount Vernon for winning a gift card to the Ye Olde Mill.

Thanks for tuning in!

-Zoe Bricker

What do Otters and Flip Flops have in common?

It is national Otter and flip flop day!

International Otter Survival Fund began in 1993 to protect and help the different species of otters worldwide. It was inspired by observing otters in their natural habitats. The Fund is one of the world’s leading charities with various projects that protect otters. They have dedicated over 20 years of research to conserving, protecting, and caring for otters. They have developed a worldwide program to encourage education on otters. To date, they have supported projects in 44 countries and helped cubs in 33 countries. To learn more you can click HERE

It is also national Flip Flop day which was made by Tropical Smoothie Cafe and to learn more you can visit HERE

Speaking of national days, it is national save your hearing day and you can do this by not using Q-Tips, you can wear ear plugs at concerts and for more information you can click this LINK

Today we also played Who am I, and here were the clues

  1. I was born in 1930 in San Francisco California
  2. I was drafted during the Korean War
  3. I have been described as the quintessential western man in Hollywood movies
  4. My first western film was “Hang em High”
  5. I have 11 academy award nominations and 4 wins

I am Clint Eastwood who turned 93 today! Congrats to Charla for winning a $10 gift card to Ye Olde Mill

Thanks for tuning in and I will see you tomorrow for praise and worship Thursday!

NZ Top 10 for 5/26/23

Praise the Lord it’s Friday! Here is this week’s countdown:

10. Micah Tyler – I See Grace
9. Lauren Daigle – Thank God I Do
8. Brandon Lake – Gratitude
7. Jeremy Camp – Anxious Heart
6. Cody Carnes – Ain’t Nobody
5. Cochren & Co. – Running Home
4. Consumed By Fire – First Things First
3. TobyMac f/Zach Williams – Cornerstone
2. Matt Maher – The Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours) – spent 6 weeks at #1
1. Phil Wickham – This is Our God (1st week at #1)

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY adds this week:

Zach Williams – Sunday’s Comin’

David Leonard and Josh Baldwin – Every Hour

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

A new look for Cougar Nation!

Today we talked with MVNU Athletic Director Chip Wilson about the new Cougar logo, unveiled today!

You can listen to our conversation at our SoundCloud account and read more about it here.

CeCe Winans – Believe For It!

Congratulations to Paul and Deanna from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and win the Austin French CD, Wide Open.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

Sleuths, Scavengers, structures, singers and siblings?

Yea. We’ve got it all today!

Who Knew that today was National Scavenger Hunt Day?

Developed from a tradition of folk games throughout ancient history, the scavenger hunt has been around in its modern form in the US for around a century. The game was made popular in the 1930s by New York gossip columnist and radio personality, Elsa Maxwell. Around that time, the concept of the game was even featured in the 1936 film, My Man Godfrey.

Elsa Maxwell (photo credit: iMDB)

By the ‘70s and ‘80s, college and university campuses had made the scavenger hunt their own. The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt (called Scav Hunt or “Scav”) was founded in 1987 and continues to be held annually over four days in the month of May.

National Scavenger Hunt Day is celebrated on May 24 in honor of the 1883 birth date of Elsa Maxwell, the party hostess and promoter of the game who brought it into modern times in the 1930s.

This week is also the birthdate of the mastermind behind fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born May 22, 1859. He wrote his first Holmes story in 1887 (he was 28 years old).

This week is also the birthdate of America’s largest marble structure, the New York Public Library. It took 14 years and $9 million to build. The dedication was May 23, 1911, with the opening today – estimates say 40,000 people came through the library its first day!

The library’s exterior (photo credit: NYPL)
  1. I was born on May 24, 1819, in London, England.
  2. I was the only daughter of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent.
  3. I became queen in 1837, at the age of 18 when her uncle, King William IV, died.
  4. I reigned for 63 years.
  5. In 1840, I married my first cousin, Prince Albert. We had nine children together, who married into various royal families across Europe.
  6. That earned me the nickname, “the grandmother of Europe.”
  7. My reign witnessed significant social and industrial changes in Britain. I died in 1901.

I am...Queen Victoria – congratulations to Wendi from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the Matt Maher CD, ‘Alive and Breathing.’

Thank you to Mallory Thomas, Lilly Buckley, Aubrey Bailey, Abby Ralston and Dr. Bob Tocheff from calling in all the way from Croatia. We’ll be praying for traveling mercies as Collegians spreads the Gospel through music!

and say hey to your brother (s) today – it’s Brother’s Day, according to its creator, Daniel Rhoades of Hoover, Alabama. Read more here and enjoy seeing these brothers we get the chance to play here at WNZR…

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

The Gold Standard!

Last week, lead singer Darren Mulligan of We Are Messengers celebrated “Maybe It’s Okay” being RIAA Certified GOLD along with members of Curb | Word Entertainment and Proper Management.

Maybe It’s Okay” is a single by Irish worship band We Are Messengers on their second extended-play Honest. Mulligan wrote the song with Jonathan Smith and Bryan Fowler, and it was released as a single on November 9, 2018.[5] 

Darren said this about the song:

“I believe that God works all things together for the good of those that love Him. But I can’t escape the fact that we’re hurting, anxious, disappointed, and afraid. This song is my surrender. By admitting that I need God to put everything right. I find that Jesus is with me in the heartache holding onto me and leading through the tough times. Everything sad is being undone. But it’s going to take a little time. Getting well is a messy business. So, take it easy on yourself. God has taken every mistake, every hurt, and make it something really beautiful. I’m in the reality of where I am right here, right now, and I’m trusting in Jesus. I’ve realized, maybe it’s okay, even when I’m not okay.”

A Gold record is a song or album that sells 500,000 units (tangible or digital form).

What would happen if we began to believe that God could do the miraculous through us? Can you imagine what might happen? These are the questions collective Elevation Worship asks on their anticipated 15th career project, CAN YOU IMAGINE? With these eight new live songs, they are poised to reignite hearts.

“Trust In God” (featuring Chris Brown) is the first radio single from the album, which weaves in lyrics from the hymn “Blessed Assurance” with modern language resulting in a declaration of choosing to trust God.

“We want someone to listen to this album and know that God is still writing their story,” Elevation Worship singer and songwriter Chris Brown explains. “Our hope is that these songs will not only point people to the wonder and greatness of God but stir an awareness of his goodness and how lovingly he’s involved in the details of our lives.”

Someone’s saying a prayer tonight
For hungry mouths to be filled
Someone kneels in the dark somewhere
And darkness is already crumbling

The song? Tree63 ‘Sunday’

Congratulations to Rodney from Gambier, who guessed correctly and wins the Austin French CD, ‘Wide Open.’

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Zoe

Embracing Creation

Today’s Monday Motivation focused on the beauty of creation, from Our Daily Bread author Lisa Samra:

In the 1901 hymn “This Is My Father’s World,” pastor and poet Maltbie Babcock wrote of the delight he felt on his frequent outdoor walks, where he was captivated by breathtaking panoramic vistas. Writing of his fascination with the skies, seas, and creatures, he described sensing God’s presence and concluded, “He speaks to me everywhere.”

Although creation doesn’t have an audible voice, as His handiwork it’s one important way we learn about the One who “made the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them” (ACTS 14:15). In creation we see evidence of God’s glory (PSALM 19:1), as well as aspects of who God is, such as His eternal nature (ROMANS 1:20).

When we observe the strength of the wind or the roar of rushing water, creation showcases God’s power. Described in the poetry of Job 38, His power is evident in ordering the seasons (VV. 12-13), directing the weather (VV. 22-30), overseeing the cosmos (VV. 31-33), and sustaining living creatures (VV. 39-41).

Creation is also the means by which we experience many of God’s blessings. Through creation, He blesses us with food and drink (GENESIS 1:29-30), as well as many other necessities that sustain us (MATTHEW 6:25-33). More than simply a physical blessing, creation is a way that God restores our souls as we experience the peace of gentle pastures and quiet streams (PSALM 23:1-3).

In all these ways and more, creation is visible and tangible evidence of who our Creator God is, revealing His character, love, and constant care of us.

Here’s the Amy Grant version of the song we played on the show today!

Give me a three letter word that starts with the letter Z:
1- Zoo (40 votes)
2- Zip (18)
3- Zap (15)
4- Zen (13)
5- Zit (13)

Congratulations to Lisa from Howard who guessed the top two and wins the Chris Tomlin CD, ‘Always.’

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

NZ Top 10 for 5/19/23

Praise the Lord it’s Friday! Here is this week’s countdown:

10. Lauren Daigle – Thank God I Do
9. Jeremy Camp – Anxious Heart
8. Micah Tyler – I See Grace
7. Brandon Lake – Gratitude
6. Cochren & Co. – Running Home
5. Cody Carnes – Ain’t Nobody
4. TobyMac f/Zach Williams – Cornerstone
3. Consumed By Fire – First Things First
2. Phil Wickham – This is Our God
1. Matt Maher – The Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours) – 6th week at #1

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY adds this week:

Benjamin William Hastings f/Blessing Offor – That’s the Thing About Praise

Thanks for listening!
– Joe (Zoe’s at Mom’s Night Out)

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