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Belonging In Christ.

Alyssa and Lexie come back for Praise Thursday to give you devotionals that talk about belonging in Christ!

Alyssa devotional is titled Scar Stories by Elisa Morgan

Lexie’s devotional is titled A Place of Belonging written by Anne Cetas

 Name the place where Jesus walked on water.
Answer: Sea of Galilee

Congrats to Paul of Mount Vernon for guessing correctly and winning a $5 gift certificate to Everlasting Cup!

Thank you so much for tuning into The Afternoon Drive! – Lexie & Alyssa

Praising God for Keeping Us In The Moment.

Joe and Lexie bring you Lifeline’s Choice Challenge, along with Praise Thursday!

Lifeline’s Choice Challenge is our way to say thank you! If you pledged $150, we gifted you back $30 in gift cards from your choice of Southside Diner, Tim Horton’s, and Papa Johns. We started the show with 180 gift cards to give, and we ended the show with no more gift cards to give! (Spoiler, that’s a good thing!) Thank you for donating to Lifeline 2021 and giving us the opportunity to give back!

Lexie shares a devotional titled Lord of The Moment written by James Banks.

Who was Solomon’s Mother?

Answer: Bathsheba!

Congratulations to Becky of Fredericktown for guessing correctly and winning a $5 gift certificate to Everlasting Cup!

Here’s the final total from the first day of fundraising for Lifeline 2021…


Thank you so much for tuning into the Afternoon Drive, and supporting us through Lifeline 2021! – Lexie & Joe

Day of Prayer and Praise! Who Knew Wednesday for Lifeline 2021!

Joe and Lexie praise God for Lifeline 2021’s Day of Prayer & Praise!

They share many testimonies from listeners, and praise God for another chance to celebrate with Lifeline 2021!

our theme this year is Keep Me In The Moment, and we share a lot about how we can stay in the moment.

Lexie in particular shares a devotional about how Every Moment Matters.

Joe talks about toasters! (Trust us it makes sense.)

Sometimes being in a service medium you may feel like a toaster, you’re expected to do what you do and do it well consistently, and it is only when you have hiccups or don’t perform well that you get noticed. Maybe you feel like a toaster, but God likes his toast however you make it! So thank you, for being in the business of serving others!

  • I was born March 24th, 1976.
  • I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • I am a former NFL Quarterback
  • My favourite football player growing up was my dad
  • My favourite college football fight song is rocky top.
  • My father and my younger brother were also in the NFL
  • I have the most AP MVP Awards, with a total of five!
  • I have two super bowl rings

Answer: Peyton Manning!

Congrats to Jenny from Mount Vernon for guessing correctly and winning a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

Thank you so much for tuning into The Afternoon Drive! – Lexie & Joe

Walking Taco Wednesday!

We know, we bent the rules a little bit…

Lexie and Joe talk about Walking Tacos today for Who Knew Wednesday!

“Walking Taco” or “Taco-in-a-Bag” aren’t actual tacos, but are Midwest names for the Texas dish called “Frito Pie”.

The “walking frito pie” began in Knoxville, Tennessee, at the 1982 World’s Fair. Petro’s Chili & Chips established a booth at the Fair. The Fair’s theme was “energy,” and the product was originally named “Petroleum Belly.”

The “walking taco” quickly became popular at other fairs in the midwest during the 1980s and 1990s!

if you’d like to read the full article, you can read it HERE!

We also covered this cool new design for a completely digital Taco Bell Drive-Thru! Read the full article HERE!

  • I was born on March 17th 1919 in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • When I was four years old, my family and I moved to Chicago, Illinois, where my father became a Baptist minister.
  • When I was 15, I dropped out of high school to pursue a music career.
  • I, along with my brothers performed in a revival of the musical Shuffle Along.
  • I was the first African American to host a television variety show.
  • Some of my most popular songs were Smile and Mona Lisa.
  • I died at the hospital early in the morning of February 15, 1965 of lung cancer.

I am Nat King Cole!

Congrats to Ava of Howard for guessing correctly and winning a $5 Gift Certificate to Everlasting Cup!

Thank you SO MUCH for tuning into the Afternoon Drive! – Lexie & Joe

National Awesomeness Day, Who Knew?

Lexie gives you the details of National Awesomeness Day!

This special national day gives people the chance to recognize how awesome themselves and the people around them are just, to put it plainly, awesome.

The website for National Awesomeness Day shares this: “The International Day of Awesomeness is a celebration of awesomeness. People are awesome every day, frequently don’t realize it, and their feats of awesomeness are rarely recognized. We aim to fix that, with a special day to both perform and celebrate feats of awesomeness!”

Check out the website HERE

Joe thinks of awesomeness as something that makes him feel like he is “in awe.” Things that make him think of that are Babies, and Niagara Falls!

Lexie shares that sometimes we don’t see how awesome we are and maybe that causes you to feel worthless some days. But This Devotional gives us perspective: we are worth it because Christ died for us! And that is pretty awesome.

Today’s ‘Who Am I?’ Trivia:

–          I was born this day in 1983 in Oklahoma

–          I auditioned for a record contract when I was 14 but it didn’t work out

–          I was journalism major in college

–          I won the 4th season of American Idol in 2005

–          I’ve won 7 Grammys and 9 CMA Awards

–          I married a professional hockey player

–          I am releasing a gospel album this month

ANSWER: Carrie Underwood

Congratulations to Jackie of Mount Vernon for correctly guessing and winning a $5 gift certificate to Everlasting cup!

Thanks so much for tuning into The Afternoon Drive! – Lexie

The Power of Love & Prayer !

Lexie Flies solo today to bring you some inspirational devotionals about the power of love and prayer!

The first devotional Lexie shares is Forever Love by Xochitl Dixon

The second devotional Lexie reads is called Prompted to Pray written by James Banks

Who said these words: ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few’?

Answer: Jesus!

Congratulations to Karen! she guessed correctly and won a $5 gift certificate to Everlasting Cup!

Thank you so much for tuning into the Afternoon Drive! – Lexie

Uplifting The People Who Need It

This week’s Praise Thursday talks about redemption and transformative love!

Alyssa’s devotional is titled A New Calling written by Alyson Kieda

Lexie’s devotional is called Mysterious Helpers written by Sheridan Voysey

How many nights did Jesus fast in the wilderness?

Answer: 40 nights!

Congratulations to Kim from Virginia for guessing correctly and winning a $5 gift certificate to Everlasting Cup!

and thank you so much for tuning into the afternoon drive! -Lexie & Alyssa

Valentine’s Trivia, Who Knew?

This week for Who Knew Wednesday, Joe & Lexie talk about everything Valentine’s Day!

Check out these cute Conversation Hearts! The words on these little treats changes every year! Necco chooses a theme every year!

We also played Who Am I?:

I was born on Valentine’s Day, 1934, in Dale, Indiana, the youngest of 10 children.

I started singing at local grocery stores when I was 12.

I starred in Broadway in the 1954 musical, Fanny, playing the title character, for 888 performances.

My most famous role was on TV, playing a mom named Carol, with three daughters and three stepsons. Robert Reed was my co-star, playing my husband, Mike.

I also was a frequent guest on the Hollywood Squares and in 2010, at the age of
76, I competed in Dancing with the Stars.

Who am I?
Florence Henderson!

Congratulations to Mike of Mount Vernon for correctly guessing and winning a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

We also gave away prizes for WNZR’s Spread The Love Contest!

Congratulations to Maude of Mount Vernon, She won a Mary Kay Satin Body Set during our Spread The Love contest!

Also congratulations to Rhonda of Fredericktown for winning in our Spread The Love Contest and getting a $10 gift card to Gospel Christian Life Shop

Thanks so much for tuning into the Afternoon Drive! – Lexie & Joe

Waffles & Winter Clothing!

Joe & Lexie share fun facts and yummy recipes about waffles for Who Knew Wednesday!

Waffle-making made its way to America with Dutch colonists in the 1620s. It was one hundred years later, in Robert Smith’s Court Cookery (1725), that the English language saw the appearance of the word “waffle” for the first time. Waffles were enjoyed sweet, with butter, syrup, or fruit, or savory, with kidney stew.

The word “waffle” is directly derived from the Dutch wafel, meaning a honeycomb cake.

August 24th in National Waffle Day. That date is significant because it is the date of the first patent issued for a waffle iron. On August 24, 1869, the U.S. Patent Office issued a patent to Cornelius Swartwout of Troy, New York, for his design for an “Improvement in Waffle-Irons.”

If reading this made you crave some waffles, check out this link to 90 different waffle recipes !

We also talk to Sharon Metcalfe about a Winter Supply Drive hosted by The Sheppard’s House: A Church of The Nazarene. The Drive is titled “Take What You Need , Leave What You Can”. check out the full conversation HERE!

Here’s Today Trivia Question for Who Knew Wednesday:

Q: What Shoe Brand’s First shoe was inspired by the Waffle?

A: Nike

Congratulations to Troy of Mount Vernon for guessing correctly and winning a $5 Gift Certificate to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks so much for tuning in to today’s Afternoon Drive! – Lexie & Joe

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