Joe & Lexie share fun facts and yummy recipes about waffles for Who Knew Wednesday!

Waffle-making made its way to America with Dutch colonists in the 1620s. It was one hundred years later, in Robert Smith’s Court Cookery (1725), that the English language saw the appearance of the word “waffle” for the first time. Waffles were enjoyed sweet, with butter, syrup, or fruit, or savory, with kidney stew.

The word “waffle” is directly derived from the Dutch wafel, meaning a honeycomb cake.

August 24th in National Waffle Day. That date is significant because it is the date of the first patent issued for a waffle iron. On August 24, 1869, the U.S. Patent Office issued a patent to Cornelius Swartwout of Troy, New York, for his design for an “Improvement in Waffle-Irons.”

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Here’s Today Trivia Question for Who Knew Wednesday:

Q: What Shoe Brand’s First shoe was inspired by the Waffle?

A: Nike

Congratulations to Troy of Mount Vernon for guessing correctly and winning a $5 Gift Certificate to Everlasting Cup!

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