Today Lilly and I talked about lots of healthy living tips for fall!

First, we shared with you about the superfruit: Cranberries! Click HERE for the article and some fun cranberries recipes!

Then we shared with you some fun fall food ideas and some healthy habits to fall into!  (Get it?) Click HERE for that article and Halloween tips!

Struggling with headaches? Have you thought that they might have something to do with your anxiety? There are treatment options!  Click HERE to find out more.

Should you go the ER? Or would urgent care be best? Click HERE to read more! (Disclaimer – if you believe that the symptoms that you are experiencing are a severe medical emergency – please call 911 first)

Today’s blog exclusive Word of the Day is – overwhelm, verb,  oh-ver-WELM
Definition :

1 : upset, overthrow

2  a : to cover over completely : submerge,

b : to overcome by superior force or numbers

c : to overpower in thought or feeling

Thanks for listening! – Hannah