Unraveling the mystery of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich today on the Afternoon Drive! Delicious, right?

It’s not the Afternoon Drive without some recipie, now is it?
Here are some different ways to get that PB&J flavor in different ways!
Here’s a recipie for a PB & J smoothie!
This one is kind of like Chicken & Waffles?
Can’t go wrong with PB&J puppy chow!
Chicken. Raspberry. Habernero. Peanuts. Yum.

What’s better than a PB & J? Well, a hacked PB & J.
Check out these 14 hacks to elevate the simple sandwich.
1. Add fresh fruit
2. Grill it
3. Add butter
4. Turn it in to French Toast
5. Whip out the deep fryer
6. Burger-ize it
7. Make it crepe style
8. PB&J Doughnuts
9. Add Nutella and bacon
10. Use pancakes as the bread
11. Make Elvis proud
12. Replace the bread with pound cake
13. Double decker club PB&J
14. S’moreify it

You can read more from the Huffington Post article here!

Our Mystery Monday Question was PB&J realted, of course!
Q: How many PB&J’s does the average American eat before they turn 18?
A: 1,500

Congrats to Janice from Mt. Vernon who guessed correctly!

Thanks for listening!
-Lilly and Hannah