Today was Mystery Monday on the Afternoon Drive! Today, Malisa, Joe and I had a fun Thanksgiving Mystery Question!

Here it is: Name a popular Thanksgiving Tradition:


1. Eating the Thanksgiving Meal

2. Visiting with family

3. Watching the Parades

4. Watching the Football Games

5. Black Friday Shopping

Congratulation to Bernalle from Mount Vernon who guessed the top two questions and won that $5 gift card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Did your mouth water when Joe shared his experience with Deep-fried Turkey, so did Malisa and I’s! Here is a recipe for Deep-fried Turkey! 

We have a ton of events coming up here at WNZR and we want to see you at each of them! Here is more information on each:

Sunday, November 25 – Mount Vernon Christmas Parade and Walk

Saturday, December 1 – Fredericktown Christmas Walk

Saturday, December 8 – Food For The Hungry 

Today was the last day that Operation Christmas Child was accepting drop-offs and most drop off locations are closed – BUT! You can still build your shoebox online – click HERE to build your shoebox for $25!

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Hannah Radke