Thanks for tuning in and hanging out with us today on this chilly Wednesday!
Today, since it is so cold, we talked about ways to keep warm in the winter months!

We shared 12 genius ways to stay warm from Best Life! You can read the whole article here and read below to see the highlights!

1. Use a plant pot to create a makeshift room heater.
2. Use ice to trick the thermostat.
3. Run the Ceiling Fan in Reverse
4. Open up the curtains when the sun is out.
5. Turn on the oven.
6. Warm up your clothing before you leave.
7. Always wear a hat.
8. Run a hot bath.
9. Avoid caffeine.
10. Eat, eat, eat.
11. Drink water
12. Exercise.

Our Who-Knew question for today was related to the winter weather as well!
Q: Name something that is cold…
We were looking for the top 2 answers and they were…
1. Ice (with 37%)
2. Snow (19%)

Congrats to Molly from Mt. Vernon! She guessed correctly!

Thanks for listening and stay warm!
– Lilly and Hannah