Today Lilly and I celebrated the introverts in our lives because it’s “introverts week”!

Most people know if they are introverted or not, but with the help of personality tests, you may be surprised! You could be more or less introverted then you think!

First, we talked about the history of introverts week!

Here are some of the personality tests we talked about:

Briggs Myers/Carl Jung Test 

DISC Assessment  

Holtzman inkblot technique 

We had to give some science behind this as well, of course!


The Afternoons Drive's - Todays mystery question

Name something a person owns that reflects their personality.

  1. Car with 57
  2. Clothes with 13
  3. Pets with 9
  4. House with 6
  5. Jewelry with 4
  6. Furniture with 2

Congratulations to Pam from Fredericktown who guessed our top two answers and won that $5 Gift Card to Troyer’s of Apple Vally!


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Thank you for checking out our blog!

– Hannah and Lilly