Today I talked about something so fun and so good for you! Active Dog Month! I shared about what
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Name something that could go wrong at a dog park?

1. Cat Shows Up
2. Dogs Get Loose
3. Dogs Fight
4. Dirty Pants
Congrats to Bonnie from Mount Vernon who guessed our top to answers and woman that $5 Gift Card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!
the who knew food corner
Here is our blog-exclusive Food Corner!

Here is more info on today! 

Here are some fun facts! 

And finally, here’s a recipe! 

Congratulations to Debbie from Mount Vernon, who was caller number 3 and won two tickets the MVNU spring musical “Freaky Friday”
Congratulations to Lauren from Howard who guessed our Matt trivia question and won two tickets to the Matthew West and Matt Mahr concert!
Thank you so much for looking at our blog!
-Hannah (And Joe!)