It’s the last Wednesday before finals week here at MVNU and we are so ready for SUMMER! Yes, we’re wildly chanting like they do at the beginning of High School Musical 2. “Summer, Summer, SUmMeR, SUMMER”. We shared some of the best, family friendly summer bucket-list ideas for you to try when the final bell of the semester rings!

Here’s a link to 33 awesome summer fun bucket-list ideas!
Some of the highlights from the list included…
– Build and fly your own kite
Check out these instructions on how to build a garbage bag kite!
– Eat too many popsicles!
Want to make your own? Click here for a healthy recipe!
– Make tie-dye t-shirts
Want some hacks to make sure you have the coolest tie-dye on the block? Click here!
– Build a sand castle
I know we don’t have many beaches in Ohio, but if you’re out of state, look for a beach and use some tips from the queen of the home… Martha Stewart... to build your castle.
– Make ice cream in a bag
I scream, you scream; “you can make ice cream in a bag!” Learn how here!

the who knew food corner

Wednesday is not complete with the Who-Knew Food Corner, is it?
Today we’re celebrating a summer fun food… pigs in a blanket!
This is a simple recipe that pleases the whole family and what better recipe to share than from the Doughboy himself!
Click here for the Pillsbury official recipe for Pigs in a Blanket!

Thanks for listening!
– Lilly and Hannah