More Storage for a Three-Ring Binder
If your children are having trouble losing erasers and pencils at school consider this little hack. Take a hefty plastic Ziploc bag, punch 3 holes in it and then slide it into their 3-ring binder. After that, fill it with pencils and erasers. It’s an easy way to help them stay more organized at school.

Yet Another use for Shoe Boxes
If you’re like me then you store your underwear, socks and pajamas all in the same clothes drawer. If that’s the case it might be wise to use shoe boxes to divide up the categories. This way it’s easier to find what you need, keep dirty and clearn laundry seperate and it makes cleaning up much quicker if you have company coming over.

Getting rid of clothing clutter
If you’re worried that you’re going to get buried every time you open up your closet, it might be time to downsize. Sort through the clothes that you don’t want anymore, pack them up and take them to the nearest re-sale store or charity. This clears up space for you AND is good for the environment!

Thanks for listening!
-Todd McKinley