Dear WNZR family,

Let me just take a moment to encourage you today…

This morning I was listening as I drove back to campus from a quick trip to the doctor’s office. Yes, I’m fine. I just was getting my regular blood draw and I am so thankful for the precautions my doctor and his amazing staff are taking to keep us safe. The song “The Father’s House” from Cory Asbury came on during The Morning Thing. For me, that song has been a HUGE one the last few weeks. I miss being in the father’s house – being with my church family. I’ll miss it this Easter morning. But guess what? The father’s house is ANYWHERE we invite Him to be. In our isolation of this crazy time, His house is your house, your car or truck, your office, and for me, the studio!

I’ve struggled with not having much control during COVID season, but I’ve learned this is a great opportunity to give it up! In the Father’s House, I don’t have to be ashamed to admit that I wrestle with control. He hears me and His love, like the song says, breaks through! What I see as weakness, He uses as a canvas for His strength.

Here’s a link to the video if you haven’t experienced “The Father’s House.”

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Well, I thought that I had seen most everything
And if jaded was a people, I’d be the king

The answer? TobyMac f/Cochren and Co. with “Edge of My Seat” – congratulations to Peter from Howard who answered correctly and wins the GameOn t-shirt!

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– Joe