Today for Artist Newsday we shared stories about Amy Grant and Unspoken!

Amy Grant will be performing her famous song “Every Heartbeat” on Good Morning America tomorrow morning (2/10). This will be Grant’s first television performance after having open heart surgery last year and this will also be commemorating American Heart Month. To read the full story on this upcoming performance click here and watch the video to “Every Heartbeat” below:

Unspoken has released another great song to radio from their hit album Reason. The song is called “Help Is On The Way” and lead singer Chad Mattson shares the personal ties he has with the message of this new single.

“The title of this song was a phrase that we used in our house often as we were going through a deep season of anxiety about three years ago,” remembers Mattson. “We’ve since come out on the other side, but that hope to know that God had already mapped out our victory before we even entered the struggle was something that gave us the strength to get through.

“David said in Psalm 37 to be patient and wait for the Lord to act,” continues Mattson. “He also said in his older years in the same Psalm that he’s never seen the righteous forsaken. God is on your side. You may not know when, you may not know how, but you can trust that help is on the way.”

Read the full story about this song by clicking here and watch the lyric video below:

Doubts, I’ve had my share of doubts,
But never more than right now,
I’m wondering where are You,
I’m on the edge of fall apart,
But somehow Your promises,
Find my troubled heart

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– Alyssa & Todd