Today for Artist News Day we welcomed Kelsi Brake as a co-host on the Afternoon Drive for this summer. We shared two stories about MercyMe and Elevation Worship collaborating with Maverick City Music for their album.

MercyMe has announced their new Fall Tour which is called inhale (exhale), the same name of their most recent studio album which released on April 30th. You can learn more about this tour by clicking here.

Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music have released their collaboration album entitled Old Church Basement. Here’s Elevation Worship’s Chris Brown thoughts on the album, “Before any lights and a stage, for a lot of us it was just a few chords on an acoustic guitar or piano in a youth room with a few of our friends. This collection of songs is so special to us as it’s reminiscent of when we first fell in love with worshipping God.” Learn more about this album by clicking here and watch the video for their hit song off of this album “Jireh” below:

I didn’t understand
Driving 35 with the rocket inside
Didn’t know what I had
While I’ve been waiting to live
My life’s been waiting on me

These lyrics were a stumper so we will bring them back for next week’s game of Song Poetry.

Thanks for listening!
– Alyssa & Kelsi