Sadly this is Alyssa and I’s (Kelsi) last show together 😦 but that won’t stop us! We want to share some encouragement to get you on to the weekend. Thank you to Our Daily Bread for the devotionals that we shared today. The first devotion is called, “When We Don’t Understand” by Arthur Jackson. By God’s strength, may our trust in and reverence for Him remain, even when we can’t understand how He’s at work during life’s difficult days. To read more click HERE. In our second devotional called, “Unbreakable Faith” we talked about how even when we feel like our lives are falling apart, God can make our faith unbreakable. Read more HERE.

Q: How old was Jesus when he started his ministry?

A: 30

Congratulations to Paul of Mount Vernon for answering that question correctly, he won a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks for listening!

– Kelsi and Alyssa