Today is National Scrabble Day – one of America’s most loved games, invented by the guy whose name you see above! From, here’s some history:

Scrabble, one of the most popular board games to exist today, began with the Great Depression of 1929, which left many people out work and starving for food. Alfred Mosher Butts, an out of work architect, decided to create a game that people could enjoy during their free time.

As an avid fan of games himself, he combined the elements of anagrams and the classic crossword puzzle to create a score wording game. This game was called LEXIKO, it would later change its name to Criss Cross Words.

However, many game manufacturers didn’t agree with the idea he had and rejected his game. It wasn’t until he met James Brunot that the concept was reshaped in rules and design that Scrabble was born.

Top 5 five-letter Scrabble Words (that you will actually use)

  1. JAZZY (33 points) – Of, relating to or resembling jazz.

2. JIFFY (21 points) – A bit, a sec, a skosh, two shakes. A short time.

3. JUNKY (21 points) – Worthy of being discarded.

4. QUAKY (21 points) – Shaky, twitchy, shuddersome.

5. ZAPPY (21 points) – Slang for lively, exciting, straight up fun.

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