Today for our Monday Motivation we shared a special devotional out of Our Daily Bread called God Cleans The Stains. With a humble and repentant heart, we must acknowledge our sins and place them under the cleansing light of God’s holiness. We must turn from them and return to Him. And He, the only One who cleans the stains of the soul, will offer us complete forgiveness and renewed fellowship. To read the full devotional click HERE.

Today’s Monday Motivation song is the latest from Josh Wilson ‘Things That Im Afraid Of’

An amazing line from that song says,

My fears would surely kill me
If I didn’t know the truth
The things that I’m afraid of
Are afraid of You

It’s so reassuring to remember that God already won the battle and that we are not to be afraid because he has us in his arms.

Name a place that people go to, which they insist be clean.

Bathroom – 42

Restaurant – 30

Kitchen/Fridge – 18

Hospital – 6

Congratulations to our winner, Anna, she won a $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy!

Thanks for listening!