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Today Todd and I talk about some ways to be better than Average in less than 5 minutes and the results of the 49th Dove Awards!

First, we shared with you that the average person gets two or three colds a year and the average respiratory infection lasts 7 to 10 days. Be better than average. Don’t try to blow out a cold. Blowing your nose vigorously could make your cold last longer. Using CT scans, researchers at the University of Virginia discovered that nose blowing actually forces some mucus backward, propelling bacteria and viruses directly into your sinuses and triggering reactions that can make your cold worse. Limit your honking and take decongestants as soon as symptoms appear.

Then that the average person has a one-in-three chance of having high blood pressure, which looks like a systolic (the top number of your blood pressure) reading of 140 mmHg or over, and a diastolic (the bottom number) reading of 90 or over – again, be better than average and lower the blood pressure by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and reducing the sodium in your diet!

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