Today Malisa, Joe and I gave you a chance to win a $5 gift card to Troyers of Apple Valley with mystery box! Today Joe hid an item and Malisa and I had to guess by doing some tests of the senses.

We started with our first hearing test. Malisa and I shook the mystery box…Here are the two questions that Malisa and I asked Joe after we did our hearing research.

  1. Is this item made out of fabric?

Joe’s Answer: Part of it is, not the core, but part of it.

2. Is it top heavy or bottom heavy?

Joe’s Answer: I would say that it is bottom heavy because that’s where the fabric part is.

Then we did a second hearing test, this time Malisa and I closed our eyes and Joe took the mystery item…here are the questions we asked:

  1. Is it a bell?

Joe’s Answer: Nope!

2.  Is there a part that is metal?

Joe’s Answer: Yes, the core of it is.

Then we did the touch test, here are the questions we asked:

  1. Is this item used to strengthen a part of your body?

Joe’s Answer: Yes

2. Is this item something that you can hold in one hand?

Joe’s Answer: Yes

Congratulations to Kassandra from Gambier…she correctly guessed that our item was a hand grip! She won that $5 gift card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley that I mentioned earlier.

Here is a picture of our mystery item: (and no, I am not licking our item) e

This weekend is MVNU’s Homecoming Week!

There are going to be a ton of Homecoming activities like the basketball games, the Golden Gala, the instrumental ensemble’s concert, the Homecoming Entertainment Showcase, and the Fall play: The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe!

A bunch of the WNZR crew is in the fall play! Here is a little glimpse of the some of the Big Blue Crew in costume! 

Click here if you want to know more about Homecoming and here for the schedule for homecoming.

Guess what kicked off today? Did you spot our friend in the banner at the top? I’ll give you a guess since its Mystery Monday and all, you may need to defrost this item! WNZR’s Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt has begun! Here’s more information! 

First hour John from Utica was caller number 5 and then the second hour  Daniel from Mount Vernon was caller number 5! They are both registered to win a Turkey!

Thanks so much for tuning into the Afternoon Drive and checking out our blog – we appreciate you more than you know!