Today Lilly and I tried to warm up your polar vortex with a fun Who Know Wednesday where we shared with you some fun facts about Hobby month and gave you chance to win!

Here is our Who Knew Trivia question:

Q: Learning an instrument is a popular hobby, but which instrument is the most popular one to learn?

1. Piano

2. Guitar

3. Violin

4. Drums

5. Saxophone

Congratulations to Kristi from Mount Vernon who guessed our top two answers and won a $5 Gift Card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley and 4 tickets to the AAA Great Vacations Travel Expo!

The Who Knew  Food Corner.png

It was Croissant day on the Who Knew Food Corner! Here is the recipe that Lilly shared with you and remembers – they gotta have layers!!

Of course, due to our “friendly” polar vortex forecast, shooting our temperatures here in Ohio down into the negative 30s, toady and carrying into tomorrow we had lots of cancellations. Here is a link to our Facebook page, that first pinned post as all the closings that we have been sharing on air! If you have a closing that you want us to know about, just give us a call, (740) 397- 9697.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting the Afternoon Drive, it means so much to us that you are parenting not only in our education but also in our ministry!

-Hannah and Lilly