Who Knew…MVNU had a international graduate student and assistant from China? And today is her birthday!


Shannon Ding was our guest on the show today, sharing her experience of working in the Education Department here at the University.  Shannon is studying to obtain her Master of Arts in Education, K-12 Intervention Specialist.

Shannon is from Qingdao (CHEENG-dow), on the east coast of China, a city about the size of Chicago bordering the Yellow Sea.

Quingdao map

Shannon’s connection to Mount Vernon began when she worked at an international school with Dr. Cindy Harvel in Tianjin, China. At that time, Shannon hoped and prayed for a chance to possibly study in an English-speaking country.  She also wanted to learn more about the Anerican educational system.

Shannon’s ultimate goal is to continue to working with people, helping children and to learn and train others.  She also loves broadcasting (yay!) and wouldn’t mind someday being a television news anchor!  Shannon is passionate about people and languages.

Her Mandarin first name is Xiangxiang (SHIAHNG-shiahng), which means “to trust” and “fragrant.”

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Todd