The Afters are offering listeners a free download of their current single “I Will Fear No More”.  Many people are struggling in the grip of unemployment, self-isolation, and COVID-19, and feel overwhelmed in a constant news-cycle where uncertainty and panic is a headline. “I Will Fear No More” is an invitation to declare victory against these feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety. The “I Will Fear No More” download, along with videos and extra resources, can be found at

Chris Tomlin was joined by Max LucadoPat BarrettMatt Maher, and We the Kingdom for a special Good Friday Service. You can watch it HERE.

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There’s gotta be so much more to life than this,
A higher calling that I missed,
I want my life to count, every breath…

A stumper from last week! The answer is Newsboys with ‘Live With Abandon’ – congratulations to Marian from Danville who guessed correctly and wins the WNZR Game On shirt!

WNZR COVID-19 updates can be found here.

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– Joe and Todd