We took the Star Wars unofficial nerd holiday today and blended it with our Family Feud-style question:

Name something you can see in every Star Wars movie:
1. Darth Vader (subtle in the last 3) – 27 votes
2. Lightsaber – 17 votes
T2. Spaceships – 17
4. R2D2 – 15
5. C3PO – 11
6. Jedi – 5 votes

Congratulations to Olivia and Travis from Mount Vernon (daughter and dad) for guessing correctly and winning the WNZR GameOn t-shirt.

Today’s Monday Motivation is from Acts 16. It’s called ‘When We Praise.’ Read the Our Daily Bread devotional from Remi Oyedele here.

The latest COVID-19 updates are here.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe