Today we shared Monday Motivation from the story of Joseph in Genesis – the Joseph who had the coat of many colors…was sold by his brothers into slavery…became favored in the Pharoah’s palace…ran from Potiphar’s wife, was falsely accused, but still went to jail…but found favor by interpreting the warden’s dreams…then saved Egypt from famine…reunited with his brothers and forgave them!

What can we learn from Joseph?

  • we often don’t see life’s shocks coming
  • keep your eyes fixed on God, especially throughout the twists and turns we can’t forsee
  • run from sin
  • use your abilities for what God is doing in the world
  • in everything, our soul’s enemy means it for evil, but God means it for good
  • be careful what you allow to become the defining moment of your life
  • God specializes in redeeming messed-up situations, bringing salvation where there was only destruction

Name something to which some people love to give away the ending.
1- A Movie (80 votes)
2- A Book (11)
3- A Joke (6)

Congratulations to Jennifer of Mount Vernon who guessed correctly and wins a WNZR Lifeline 2020 Echo t-shirt.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Todd