How many times have we been told THAT in our lifetime? Yes, November 4th implores us to use our common sense…here are some ways we’ve learned to use ours…how about you?

  • Use your turn signal!
  • Let people exit out of a bus, subway car, train or elevator before you try to go in
  • Act like a firearm is always loaded
  • Be kind to your server or waiter/waitress; avoid snapping your fingers at them
  • Listen to music in public spaces with headphones
  • Avoid texting while driving or distracted driving
  • Put stuff back on the proper shelf at a store (meat in the chip aisle)
  • Clean up after yourself…and your pets… in public places
  • Stand on the stand side and walk on the walk side at an airport people mover 🙂
  • Avoid putting your feet on chairs and tables in public spaces
  • Wash your hands after using the bathroom (and more so now during a pandemic!)
  • Put trash in a trash can.
  • Avoid being the one who has a full cart at the express lane or the self checkout lane
  • Put your cart back in the cart corral at the store – avoid just leaving it out in the lot, especially on a windy day
  • Put a new roll on the toilet paper roll or the paper towel roll
  • Avoid tailgating another driver
  • Avoid eating with your mouth open
  • Avoid blocking pedestrian crossings with your car
  • Avoid talking on your phone when you’re first in line

Congratulations to Brian from Fredericktown, who guessed our “Who Am I?” question today and wins the $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup.

Q: I was the first person known to have discussed “common sense

A: Aristotle!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Todd