Today’s Monday Motivation starts with Todd sharing a devotional from John Blase based on the classic film, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Read ‘Prayer of the Broken Down’ by clicking here.

Proverbs 27:6 says:
Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. (NIV)
You can trust a friend who corrects you, but kisses from an enemy are nothing but lies (CEV)

God offers His people advice on their friendships, which are an important part of spiritual life. Our friendships, and how we treat our friends, can tell a lot about our faith. We need to choose our friends wisely and treat them well.
Our prayer is: Lord, build strong friendships in my life and help me to be a good friend in turn.

Name something kids would probably never do in the morning, if it wasn’t for Mom!

1- brush their teeth
2- eat
3- get up
4- go to school
5- wash up

Congratulations to Suzanne from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe