Joe and Lexie dive into the weirdest food combos they could find! gives a great article about these weird food combos!

Some aren’t too weird: popcorn and chocolate, fries and ice cream, and rice and ketchup

Some are very weird, you’ll just have to see for yourself!

Check out the link HERE!

          I was born April 14, 1960 in California

–          My real last name is Gerstenfeld

–          I attended UCLA, but dropped out after two months to pursue comedy

–          I was grand champion for the comedy category on Star Search in 1984

–          I once opened in Las Vegas for Frank Sinatra and also for the Beach Boys

–          I am best known as a police officer and jealous brother named Robert on a CBS sitcom

–          I also played a rogue auto mechanic who stole Jerry Seinfeld’s car



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