Today’s Who Knew focuses on two significant June 9th events…

1- the release of the Book of Common Prayer in 1549

2- the debut (and birthday) of Donald Duck in 1934

The Book of Common Prayer originated from the Church of England as part of the English Reformation after the break with Rome. BOC was the first prayer book to include the complete forms of service for daily and Sunday worship in English.

Read more about its history from Britannica by clicking here.

Click this link for the online version

Donald Duck first appeared in a 1934 film called The Wise Little Hen, a retelling of the original little red hen story. The exasperated, sometimes angry Donald we came to know and love didn’t really show up until later that August in this first movie with Mickey Mouse, Orphan’s Benefit. Since then he has gone on to appear in video games, episodes of cartoons, and stands out as the Disney character who has appeared in the most films to date.

Read more about Donald Duck here! (from D23)

  • I was born today in 1939 in New Jersey
  • I am a graduate of Seton Hall University
  • I coached my high school alma mater to two state championships
  • I took my first head coaching job at the University of Detroit
  • I also coached the Detroit Pistons for just over a year before being fired in November 1979
  • I started at ESPN in December 1979 and haven’t left since
  • I’ve called over 1,000 college basketball games
  • I’m in the Italian American sports hall of fame

Who Am I? Dick Vitale!

Congratulations to Bonnie from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup.

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– Joe