Today for artist news day we talked about Crowder and Building 429. Both artists released new music last Friday, June 11th.

Crowder released his much anticipated album “Milk & Honey”. This album features collaborations from Hulvey and Maverick City Music. Crowder actually recorded this album in his basement during the pandemic while still connecting with writers, producers, and artists. This album features the song “Good God Almighty” which has been at the top of the charts for a couple weeks. To read more click HERE.

Building 429 a new single called “Not Finished Yet”. This upbeat song is a stirring, hopeful pop anthem about how even when we stray far away, God is there, ready to draw us close to Him. “Not Finished Yet’ was written by Building 429 frontman Jason Roy along with Riley Friesen, who also produced the song. To read more click HERE.

The weight of the world is getting heavier now

Feels like its far too much to carry around

And each and every little time that you fall starts

Looking like the end of it all

Congratulations to Krista of Howard for correctly answering that those lyrics were from Riley Clemmons with her song ‘Keep On Hoping’, she won a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!