We have new music coming from Cade Thompson on September 10th! Thompson explains, “This album was written out of my life experiences which led to this one question: How would I explain the Gospel to someone who might not have ever heard of Jesus? Each song on this album has a truth that reminds us we are all a part of a bigger story, one that is bigger than ourselves. My hope for this album is that it inspires each listener to truly walk in a relationship with Jesus and join the story.” His new album is called “Bigger Story.” To read more click HERE.

On August 20th we were blessed with new music from Hillsong Worship. They released a new single called, “Hope of The Ages.” This track features Hillsong’s Reuben Morgan and two-time GRAMMY nominated Cody Carnes as co-primary artists. “Christ and His Gospel is the ‘hope of the ages,’ and because of Jesus, we too have hope. Jesus diedJesus is risen Jesus is coming back again. I pray that this truth will always be, for you, a strength to your soul and a fire in your bones.” says Morgan. To read more click HERE.

Hope of The Ages – Hillsong Worship

If I could talk to myself eight years ago
Seeing what I’ve seen knowing what I know
I would tell that quiet kid
There’ll be days ahead
When it doesn’t make sense

This weeks lyrics were a stumper so we will bring it back next week!

Thanks for listening

– Kelsi and Alyssa