Today’s Who Knew focused on Sonfest 2021, returning to Mount Vernon Nazarene University this Saturday from noon until 9:30pm.

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Today’s SONFEST TRIVIA was song poetry:

I get this feeling in my spirit when I’m low
I hear it calling like a compass to my soul
Saying, child, come on back now
You’ve been gone too long
Let me lead you back where you belong…

The song was ‘Next to Me,’ by Jordan Feliz – congratulations to Jenn of Newark – she guessed correctly and wins 2 tickets to Saturday’s concert!

*I was born on this day in 1857
*I succeeded Theodore Roosevelt
*I took office in 1909
*I was born in Ohio
*I died on March 8th, 1930 of cardiovascular disease

I am former U.S. President William Howard Taft – congratulations to Lyle from Howard who wins the $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup

Thanks for listening!

Dylan and Joe