Joe was out on business today, so I decided to share two devotionals to kick off your week with some Monday Motivation!

First, we read “In Focus” from Patricia Raybon who shared the story from Acts 3 of the lame beggar at the temple gate called Beautiful.

Then, we focused on Adam R. Holz’s who shared “Storms of Fear”, digging into the story of Jesus and the disciples headed across the Sea of Galilee.

We also recapped MVNU’s Homecoming Weekend which was a huge success. Hundreds of alumni flooded Ariel Arena to watch the women’s basketball team defeat the #2 team in country!

Name a disadvantage of owning a pet

This question was a stumper, so we’ll bring it back next week for a chance at TWO $5 gift cards to Everlasting Cup!

Today, we registered Linda from Utica and Ron from Mount Vernon for a chance to win a turkey from Smithhisler Meats!

Thanks for listening!