So today’s show is a celebration of two big things:

  • the 2021 Knox County Food For The Hungry drive
  • people who GET THINGS DONE (Cat Herders)

Make sure you check out our recap of FFTH 2021 by clicking this link. Our total is just over $249,000 and still growing!

Now onto the herders…have you heard (no pun intended) this before? From

“You don’t have to be a cat lover to celebrate Cat Herders’ day, you only have to be someone attempting to complete a seemingly impossible task or working in a job that is a continual up-hill battle, tall-order, hard-work, or in short, some activity that is like ‘herding cats.’ Have you ever seen a cowboy or cowgirl herding cats? Didn’t think so – that’s because if we ever attempted to it would take us longer than an infinite monkey to type the complete works of Shakespeare.

You’ve probably heard the saying that something is as impossible as “herding cats”, used in reference to a seemingly futile or difficult task. Granted, if you have actually attempted to literally herd a bunch of cats for some reason or the other, you would know exactly how impossible this task actually is.

What we can say is that the phrase is pretty suitable for what it describes. And while cats are independent, solitary, and easily distracted, many humans also share the same characteristics.”

– I was born December 15, 1832 in Dijon, France
– I was a French Engineer, and started with building bridges 
– I helped design the Statue of Liberty 
– My most known work is the signature landmark in Paris
– After retiring from my company, I went on to do important work in meteorology and aerodynamics 
– I died on December 27th, 1923 while listening to Beethoven’s 5thsymphony, in my mansion in Paris

I am…Gustave Eiffel. Congratulations to Charla from Utica, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup.

Jenn from Danville and Pat from Mount Vernon – congratulations!

– Joe and Dylan