Both Unspoken and FOR KING + COUNTRY are in the news this week for Artist Newsday for their new songs centered around God’s love. Check them out on any digital platform!

FOR KING + COUNTRY are in the news again with another new single leading up to the release of their new album that is due March 11th. Out today with an accompanying music video, “Love Me Like I Am” is available on all digital platforms.

Written by Joel and Luke Smallbone, the song features confessional lyrics that address personal insecurities and shortcomings, paired with raw vulnerability in the presence of a grace that gives without condition.

Here is what Joel Smallbone had to say about the release. “I was sleeping and the phrase ‘Love me Like I Am’ captured me. The following day, we went into a writing session and our producer Josh Kerr added…It’s amazing that you can, Love me like I am. It’s a beautiful story to us – the fact that God can love humanity the way He does, and we can love each other the way we do with unconditional love.”

In conjunction with their upcoming album release, the duo’s What Are We Waiting For TOUR will also launch this spring. For information on where FOR KING + COUNTRY will be headed this spring, visit

Unspoken recently released their first single of the year titled “Love Is Everything We Need” to radio as well as digital retail and streaming outlets everywhere. This is the band’s lead song for their upcoming album that is slated to release in July. This is the band’s first full length album in three years! 

Here is what lead vocalist Chad Mattson had to say about the release. “These last couple years, we, as believers, have had to have some really strong conversations because in our culture, we find it hard to disagree on certain things, and still love and be kind to each other,” He said. “There is this polarization of beliefs, yet Jesus reveals to us in John chapter 13 that it’s love that identifies us with being his kids. 

“We can disagree, but we can all agree on the fact that we need to love and respect each other, even when we are at different places in our lives politically, socially, even religiously,” continues Mattson. “‘Love Is Everything We Need’ is a song of encouragement for believers, to find ways to love each other even when we don’t see eye to eye on everything. Our love is one of the biggest testimonies we have.”

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