Today on the show I shared two devotionals from Our Daily Bread. We also had our weekly family feud trivia where one lucky person has a chance to win a prize for answering the top two answers on the board.

Here are the two devotionals that I picked from Our Daily Bread:

One was titled, “Loving God”. You can find the link here.

The other was titled, “Never Say Can’t”. You can find the link here.

Name a reason you might not leave your house all day?

1- Bad Weather (40)

2- Sick (28)

3- Watch TV (7)

4- Day Off (4)

5- Wait Repairman (3)

6- Too Tired (3)

Congratulations to Karen of Mount Vernon for correctly guessing the top two answers! She wins a 50 day devotional book by Bob Weaver titled “A word from the Weaver”.

Thanks for listening!