Its foggy, rainy days like these that make me question the decision to live in central Ohio, especially on World Oceans Day. On todays’s show, we talked all about June 8th being both National Best Friends Day as well as World Oceans Day. We shared some fun facts about both days as well as some historical significance of the days, including ways to celebrate even if your 500 miles from the ocean.

For more information on National Best Friend Day, click here!

For more information on World Ocean Day, click here!

·      I was born today on June 8th, 1927 in New York City
·      I am credited with 114 acting credits for my career.
·      After serving in World War II, I made my acting debut on Broadway in The Silver Whistle.
·      I married my wife Anne Meara in 1954, and began touring as a comedic duo on programs such as The Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show
·      I was nominated for an Emmy in 1997 for my performance as Frank Costanza
·      I continued my TV Success into the early 2000’s with my performance of Arthur Spooner on the hit show King of Queens.
·      My son is also a famous actor and we have stared in a number of films together.

I am…Jerry Stiller! Congratulations to Hellen from Fredericktown for guessing todays’s Who am I? and winning a $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy Ice Cream!

Thanks for listening!-Brogan