Do you have little foxes in your life? Are they damaging your close relationships? You may be asking, “Joe, what do you mean?” Refer to the Song of Solomon, 2:15 and it might make sense.

Read this intriguing devotional from Mike Wittmer called “Little Foxes” from Our Daily Bread by clicking here.

Name a movie that frequently gets remade:
1. Cinderella (26 votes of 100)
2. Batman (23)
3. Superman (19)
4. Robin Hood (11)
5. A Christmas Carol (10)
6. Dracula (5)
7. Spider Man (4)

Congratulations to Jenn of Danville who guessed the top two and wins the $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy.

Today’s Oliver! ticket winner was Melissa from Mount Vernon.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe